Vegetarian Jerky

Kids of all ages love this treat. It is perfect to take along camping or for a snack at any time. It is fat free and mostly pure protein. This is another item I could never make enough of for my customers and family.

Recipe for Jerky

  1. Follow the recipe for basic seitan.
  2. Slice the seitan in long thin strips.
  3. Bathe the strips in sauce (recipes below).
  4. Place on flat baking sheet
  5. Bake at 250 until nice and crisp or medium crisp.
  6. Store in dry container (plastic bags may cause it to sweat).
  7. Marinade

    This is my favorite, but you can choose any you want including commercial bar-b-que sauces:


    1. Tamari, cayenne, honey (a touch), and garlic.
    2. Same as above with fresh ginger
    3. Commercial marinades, including Sechuan sauce

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