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Note: this is original work by author representing experience of well over twenty years. you are welcome to link this page to your site, but any outward copies will be considered plagery and prosecuted as such.

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This manuscript is the result of many years of observation and practice in the administration of specific homeopathic remedies.

Everyone at one time or another has stubbed a toe, sprained an ankle, burnt a finger, got bonked and bruised, had a bee sting, stepped on a sharp object, and the such which befalls us as naturally sometimes as breathing. It is for this type of injury and trauma that this manuscrip dedicates itself.

Homeopathic remedies are remedies of whose substance are diluted in such a way, or so many times that there is nothing but the etheric forces of the substance remaining. The more the dilution, the stronger the effect of the remedy on the life forces. The weaker the dilution, the more directly does it affect the physical.

The etheric is observed as being the mirror image of a living thing. The mirror image may be considered the "opposite" of the thing which is mirrowed. This is why a substance which has been diluted will act in an opposite manner as it does in its "pure" state.

There are but a few remedies to use specifically for First Aid, and a kit should be made which would be in easy reach. A list of remedies will be posted herein, followed by a description of each remedy's activity:

1. ARNICA - This is the remedy which will be used the most.

Arnica Montana, the formal name, is almost an umbrella remedy, it is so widely useful. I considered administering it to my son when he was a little boy as a maintenance dose. He fell out of more trees than I care to remember. It will even work on some specific ailments such as acne rosacea. It is specific to imflamation and shock. It will work on old injuries also.

Dosage: right away 4 pillules. Depending on severity of trauma, from every 15 minutes in a heavy crisis to once a day or only once. The general advice on homeopathics is to let up as soon as relief is noticed. This may mean lengthening time between doses, or not taking any more. As a lotion or salve it may be applied on a bruise or over a sore area. Every source I have seen has warned that this substance should not be used on broken skin.


For first aid purposes this is the arnica for the eye. This remedy works very well for injuries of the eye such as a severe poke in the eye. I have used this more than several time with good results. Once I rubbed my eyes so much, the lens looked like it was falling out. Of course I panicked, but a dose of aconite and a good rest and the next morning my eye was fine. Also, once my miniature dachshundt was following me too closely up the stairs and I accidentally poked her in the eye with my big toe. She closed her eye and it was hurt and runny. I gave her a dose of aconite and it mended right up.

Dosage for Aconite: depending on severity, once then once again in half an hour or so. If it is horrible do it more often for a bit longer. You will soon learn to get a feel for how much and how long to use a remedy. Once it looks like things are improving, hold off.


This remedy is indicated for several things: The first is for a black eye. This will clear up the black eye in half the time than if you had not taken the remedy. The second use for it is for puncture wounds, and open wounds, even for dental extractions where there is an open wound. It is said to be indicated to avoid tetanus, as with the classic rusty nail puncture.

Dosage for Ledum: same as above, if it very severe, take it every fifteen minutes for an hour, then let up. For a black eye, maybe 2x a day would be in order until you feel it is cleared up enough. Note: I am told this is also the remedy for bee stings and any other insect bites.


This remedy is from bee venom and is indicated for insect bites in general. I would alternate it with arnica for more effectiveness. A topical remedy for beesting would be making a paste of baking soda with water and putting it on the bites, it reduces itching and is soothing and may help draw out some of the venom. Tobacco (pure) is said to also be effective in drawing poison out of a wound.

Dosage for Apis: same as above, if you were stung by a whole batch of bees and it is very serious, then take it every 10 minutes 3x, then edge off like once an hour, then three times a day.

5. CALENDULA lotion -

This can be found through Highlands Homeopathics and I recommend it with a glycerine base so it does not sting. It is good for stopping the flow of blood. A little boy decided to try to use a razor to shave himself and cut himself by the lip. The blood seemed to not stop and mother was getting frantic. I took a cotton ball and saturated it with calendula lotion and placed it on the cut. Within seconds the blood was seeping slowly and then stopped. Calendula lotion is also good to clean a wound with which is antiseptic, healing, and does not sting. I am told that calendula flowers crushed up on a wound will also stop bleeding.


This is ST. John'swort. As a homeopathic remedy it is indicated for nerve damage, in particular to the lower back. One of my neighbors had back aches that would not go away. I gave her several doses of hypericum and she never complained again. After that she was sold on homeopathics!!! Another use for hypericum in tincture form made from grain alcohol. This is to clean and draw pus from a wound. It will burn, but it will work. I had a friend whose husband had an infected toenail. He went to the AMA doctor, having to take off work, pay for antibiotics and wait several days for it to work. One saturated cotton ball with a bandage to keep it in place for several hours would have done the trick and done it well. Every year I make up a batch of St. John'swort oil and tincture. Another neighbor had goats with foot rot. I gave her a jar of oil. She put the oil on the goat's feet and it cleared up.


This is used when you are so sick with diahrrea and/or vomiting you think you are going to pass out. I have used this several times and within minutes you are getting better. The same neighbor who used hypericum oil on the goats was sitting in her living room one afternoon when I went to visit her. She was lying back in an easy chair and told me she was too sick to move. She had been sick all morning and was out of it. I ran home and got the carbo veg. In half an hour we were on our way to pick up some calves, she was feeling a whole lot better and did not get sick again.


Be careful with this one! If you take the non-homeopathic it will make you throw up. The homeopathic remedy will stop upset stomachs and nausea.


NOTE: these remedies are for basic homeopathic first aid. You would know when the injuries are very serious and a doctor is required. It is not a bad idea, for instance, to administer arnica on the way to see a doctor in an emergency.


This is a Bach Flower Remedy and is homeopathic. It can be used for crisis such as terror and fear, anxiety, phobias, and so on. Once traveling with the cat, he was very shook up, I gave him a dose of rescue remedy and he calmed down for the rest of the trip.



This is not a homeopathic, but it is good on burns. Please be sure burns are clean because they can get infected.


Oatmeal as a paste made with water can be also soothing for such things as poison oak and itching. Used this way it is also an excellent cleaner, such as having hands full of soot.


Native Americans call this knit-bone. If you have broken a bone, this is indicated, the leaves or roots to eat. You can take the root in capsules bought at a store, or you can keep a patch in a nice damp place in your garden. I take the leaves and steam them like spinach. They are quite tasty. The leaves are also to be used for lumps in the breast, especially for nursing mothers. Wrap a large leaf around the breast and keep there for half an hour. You can change them as they wilt real bad.


Onions draw. For a severe ear ache, put an open onion over the ear for awhile. When my daughter was a very small little girl, she had a terrible fever. I chopped onions and mixed them with petroleum jelly. Use petroleum jelly because it stays outside the skin. I put the jelly and onions on ther feet and then put on some little socks. In less than half an hour, the onions were cooked and the fever had gone down. Remember, fevers are not so bad, they are burning off whatever the body is rejecting. Fevers are a sign that the immune system is working.

How to make tinctures, salves, oils, and eau de cologne; easy methods.

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