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Rudolf Hauschka

The Nature of Substance

Mineral Cross

Oceanic Cross

Galactic Cross

Few men have influenced my life with such deep markings that the few that stand out deserve a word to enshrine with gratitude as a helpmate along the way. In his book, The Nature of Substance, Dr. Hauschka shows time and again the cosmic order of the physical.

During my formative years I yearned for answers about life as it existed all around me. I looked in the chemistry and biology classes and found bunches of powders and formulas and the obligatory dead animal to dismember. I concentrated instead on philosophy, logic and art. I still longed for answers, and unanswered, my life felt unanchored. Dr. Hauschka's "The Nature of Substance" finally spoke to me from the depth's of my being. I knew I could trust the information in this book. Here was the point of departure that could only be the acceptable one, the portal to the world unseen yet felt and witnessed.