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built 1966 by Gordon Wayne Nauta

The day of destiny? April 1. Paul and Morgan showed up on 4/1/2001 (No Foolin'!) to load up N6385C and take her away to Canada. Paul was very excited to get this leg up on building his dream bird. He told me the trip home was uneventful. He got it home and pulled the tattered rags off to inspect the degradation. He was happy to report a solid foundation to work from. He mentioned problems with the wing woodwork, but overall he said that it was looking pretty good.

The big question mark was the engine. Paul said he primed the oil pump and pressured the oiling system, kicked her over and she ran like a top. He seemed very happy with the engine.

Here is one of the sadder days at my house. The day they pulled the Starduster away.

For questions or comments you can now email Paul

or myself.

Back to the beginning.

Departure Photos

The Starduster is loaded.

This is Paul (smiling) with Morgan. Time for some tie-down ingenuity.

A few ropes, a couple tensioning straps, and all that's left is to put the "hundred mile an hour" duct tape away.

Paul, Morgan, and a fine trophy.

That's me (right) officially handing her over to Paul. This was probably something like marrying off a daughter.

This is Paul's girlfriend. Look at the brave smile. I wonder if she knows what she just got mixed up with.

Tuckin' in the pieces...

...and heading home. I can't watch.

I talked with Paul and Morgan. They are partners in a couple of restorations. Paul was saying that he was going to get his own project and everyone could help him out this time. I am looking forward to seeing some of the progress pictures and will post them here as they come in.