Loopy Crocheted Tote Bag

Hat, Gloves, and Loopy Tote Bag

Hat, Gloves, and Loopy Tote Bag.


Note:When using crochet hook only use the tip of the crochet hook this will make your gauge smaller from what it usually is. You can also just use a smaller needle if you want to instead

Ch 50
Row 1: Trc in 6th ch and in each chain across, ch1 turn.(45)
Row 2: Sc in each Trc across, ch1 turn.(45)
Row 3: Loop st in each sc across, ch1 turn.(45)
Row 4: Sc in each loop st across, ch4 turn. (45)
Row 5: Trc in each sc across, ch1 turn. (45)
Rows 6-13: Rep Rows 2 through 5, at end of row 13 instead of chaining, end off.
Finishing Sew bottom, and side seams. When sewing side seams, tuck under last Trc row, to finish off edge.
Sew beads aroung top edge of bag and thread beads on to thread to construct handles. Remember to make long enough to fit on shoulder and secure ends. Weave in all loose threads:)


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