Gene Sweater

pink yarn sweaterchenille brown sweater


Cast on 16 sts work k1,p1 for 2 rows
Row 3:(wrong side) p3, place marker, p2, place marker, p6, place marker, p2, place marker,p3
Row 4: k increasing before and after each marker = 8sts increased
Row 5:purl
Repeat these last 2 rows until you have 80 sts, Divide for sleeves.
K29 removing 2 markers while you knit then turn and knit across 18 sts keep going in st st for 1 3/4 for 3/4 sleeves or 2 to 2 1/4 inches for long sleeves then ending starting a purl now rib for 2 rows then bind off in ribbing.
Reattatch yarn to the remaining sts and knit across to second marker then start working sleeve just like the last. When done with sleeve join yarn in the first st after sleeve and k across 11 sts turn and purl back across all the sts, this will join them together. work in St st for as long as you want I usually do for about 1 inch but whatever length you do it always remember that the ribbing on the bottom will probably add on another half an inch. When youre done with St st work 1x1 ribbing for 2 rows and bind off in ribbing.
Sew up sleeves and tuck in stray yarn ends and there you have it. I did this once in pale brown chenielle ( I think I spelled that right!) I then trimmed all the edges in dark brown fur. I also took the Vogue pillbox hat pattern and made it out of dark brown fur and it looked great!! (to get the fur on I first glued it on then tacked with a thread and needle)

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