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Hello and welcome to the new version of the AVT Home Page! We hope you enjoy this new site. You may view a copy of the old site. If you go to the old version which will be up until the end of August please E-mail us and tell us what you think of it compared to the new version here. Thank you for visiting the AVT Home Page and we hope you enjoy your stay.

This site has been made by teens and for teens. Here you can find favorite Bible verses and E-mail addresses of other teens, There will also be a verse of the month posted every month. would you like to meet a new Penpal? Make sure as you leave you fill out the Survey included with this site! Thanks for visiting the AVT Home page!

AVT now has a new feature! You can send FREE greeting cards from the AVT Home Page!

AVT was started by a group of teens on a quiz trip. The teens spent time in singing praises and praying for and with each other. Now that time of fellowship is found on the web. The seven teens are Alison, Emily, Jackie, Katie, Melissa, Tyler, and Shannon. A count-down to each of their birthdays is found here

Any tips for our site? E-mail them to us,

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