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Peace and Blessings to all who read these words. One of the meanings the Yoruba word ASE (pronounced ah-SHAY) has is Energy, Life Force. Other cultures call it Chi, Ki, Prana, God Light, etc. We all have ASE...It is one's innate power. Every element, mineral, plant, and species has its own frequency of ASE. When you say ASE-O to someone, you are honoring and acknowledging their Power, their Energy. It is through ASE that we conduct / manifest the intelligence of the Primordial Energy. Acknowledging your personal ASE enables you to recreate your realities. Though ASE is a Yoruba word, this site will not be exclusively for the Yoruba World View, but for the personal world view of the Infinite, Eternal ASE that lives in the human vessel that writes these words. More information will arrive soon. So keep your eyes open to what may come. ASE-O ...May the Divine Force be with you.------ Olorisa Obaseo------

Please come back and visit again!

* We have all volunteered to bring forth new interpretations of reality. * We will all be challenged to re-create / re-define what we may consider Orisa to be. * Presently we are all climbing to the mountain top of our evolution...when we arrive, each will share their personal experience. * Each individual's understanding of Orisa creates part of the whole. Reason why you, and all others are important for Orisa to continue its evolution. * Many will be in fear by the re-interpretation of "truth". * Many who do not understand the evolution of energy -Orisa or by any other name- will be afraid by the powerof those who take the challenging opportunity to move alongside the "evolution".

Remember to take time out during your day to acknowledge and honor your personal ASE...
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