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January 16, 1964 - March 31, 1990

By Eddie's mother - Betty Buffington

Eddie was jogging at 5 a.m. and was hit by a pick-up truck driven by a man who tested positive for ingesting alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

A big handsome smile. A kind and loving heart. A giving spirit and caring soul. A protector. A peace maker. Believing so strongly in God. Looking after the weaker ones that he came to know. His funny little jokes that made people laugh. A sense of humor that made people smile. Never forgetting to say, "I love you," when he said good-bye. So profoundly missed by his family and friends. Till we meet again, beyond this life.

By Julane Grant: Eddie is the young man I mention in my book WHEN YOUR FRIEND'S CHILD DIES. His mother passed Darren's new grave and noticed that Darren was also very young. At a Compassionate Friends meeting she saw Darren's name and asked if she could have my phone number. She called and we've been friends ever since. Our son's graves are close and we never leave the cemetery without putting flowers on the other's grave.

After meeting, we discovered that both of our sons had gone to the same high school (Lincoln, in Portland Oregon) but 4 years apart. We also noted that each was born in January and each died on the 31st of the month in 1990. They both had been in the Army and had served in Germany. And the big one is that they both drove a VW bus, Eddie's was blue and Darren's green with a camper top. We get together often and discuss our "boys" and we know that although they never knew each other in life, they do now.

I have learned much about Eddie from his mom, his sister Anita and from letters he wrote his mom. He was FUNNY, LOVING, and so THOUGHTFUL. Being the youngest of three, he was the joy of the family, and as I have discovered about him, a position he certainly deserved.