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I have met so many friends since I started this site several months ago. I truly believe that once we are friends so are our children in heaven. Darren's album has been planned for awhile and I know I mentioned to many of you that I would like to link to your child's memorial. Now that it is finally started, I can't remember who I told and who I didn't - getting older!!

I puzzled over how to write this and then I thought, "Julane, if you are nothing else you are straight-forward." That, as we know is not always a virtue. But here goes, at the risk of offending.

When I started these Angel Hugs pages I thought it would be a good place to sell my book. However, I soon realized there is so much more I would like to do to help. So I started setting up more pages and met more and more angel parents.

WHEN YOUR FRIEND'S CHILD DIES is a great little book - read the reviews on I wrote it for the friends of parents who have lost a child but I don't know how to get to these people, except one at a time and that could take me forever. The best way I have found is for parents to pass this book around to their family and friends. Besides that, it is a good book to read yourselves and find you are NORMAL.

So, my point here is, the quickest way for us to be friends and therefore our children in heaven, is for you to buy my book. It is only $6.95 and there are several ways to buy it. Go to Angel Hugs Home Page by Clicking the little angel below. There is also a link there to to see and read about it. <

I would love for everyone to have this book. I would like to give it away but I am afraid my creditors are not of the same philosophy. If you have already purchased the book, please let me know by email below. I have no way of knowing who purchased the book unless it was directly from Angel Hugs.

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