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TheEdge Haven

Hello all, and welcome to The Edge Haven; a fan page dedicated to wwf superstar Edge. So sit back, enjoy, and ladies, please try to keep the drool off the keyboards. Custom made keyboard covers are still in the pre-production stage, so beware. Drop me a line with any questions and comments you have. Enjoy!

News & Updates

Updated on: 12-03-01

Hey all! Well, we moved, lol. I can't believe it has been so long since I updated. No good reason, just a lot of excuses. I am overhauling the site, little by little. No big, 'oh my gawd', update. To start, I've fixed all of the broken links. Look for new added stuff in the coming weeks. I want to get the site switched to the new layout before I even attempt to catch up on things. I do hope there are some fans that still visit the site. Anyone is always welcome to drop me an e-mail. Thanks for the patience, and look for the new stuff soon! Thanks.

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