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Tempest Vineyards Homepage
Tempest Vineyards
Tempest Vineyards is a small winery located in Amity, Oregon. We make a variety of wines, but specialize in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Tempest also produces Noix, Oregon's only apperitif.

We are open four times a year to the public. Tax weekend in April, Memorial Weekend in May, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Weekend.

This weekend we are releasing two new wines, 1993 Cabernet Sauvignon and 1995 Pinot Blanc.

For any questions, comments or if you want to be put on our mailing list, please fill out our questionare.

!NEW! This Thanksgiving Weekend we are releasing two new wines. Our 1993 Cabernet Sauvignon and our 1995 Pinot Blanc. We are also showing paintings by Sarah Van Loan this weekend. She does wonderful paintings and she will do commissioned works.

For info on personalized paintings; call 503-788-2625.

Also, please sign our guest book.

You can view current releases here and if you would like more info on prices, please fill out the below form.

What wine would you like to know more about?

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