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Attention, Attention: Those of you who loved will love much more! As soon as I'm able to launch it properly. The projected launch date of 10/31/2006 might be postponed due to laptop malfunction and lack of funds to get it fixed. Let's all hope I can repair it myself.
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Updated: 10.13.2006

Hello there! I'm one of many staff leaders of CabalArticles, a hungry young Internet writing combine. We can publish in English and Spanish for international internet readers, and are readily available for content development for your internet site. Below you may find my curriculum vitae, and you may be able to read other staff leaders and team members' CV's on this site. At the end of my curriculum vitae, you're going to discover some good examples of our authored posts. For job enquiries, you should mail us using the form on this site and we shall respond as soon as is feasible.

Andrea M. Wiley
2950 Maryland Avenue
St Petersburg, FL

Graduated With Special Honors from Rivier College
10 years of authoring experience (specially for Electronic readers)
Great competency in Spanish and English
Professional, group-oriented staff member with a knack for specifics

Job Expertise
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Writing Team Leader
Accountable for arranging a global team of internet writers to fit a demanding set of growth targets.
- Set new records for output, increasing output by 20% around the world
- Correctly operated reliable logs of project distribution
- Cared for QC for world creation across a significant team of authors

Special Skills and Abilities

Competent in Spanish and English
State-of-the-art proficiency with a wide selection of office software

Examples of Published Writing