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Sounding The Call

Shalom Sounding The Call
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What Does The Bible Say About The Trumpet?
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In The Holy of Holies Room rest The Ark of the Covenat

The Holy Covenant of God

What is The Holy Covenant of God? We have heard the preachings of Covenants of Abraham, Jacob, and many covenants of the Bible. But the very most important Covenant of them all is not taught in Our Christian Churches! Why? Find out what lenght satan did to hide this important Bible Truths from us all. God speaks to us through His Word while the mountains shake, the lighting flashes, and the thunder is heard. Don't miss this!!

Scriptures Songs from The Book of Psalms
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We Are The Sheep Of His Pasture

Jesus Said "Take Comfort My People"

A Special Musical Singing Prophetic Song! Recently we found an old Jewish melody, that was missing the words to the song. A team of prophetess in Christ got together to pray, and ask Jesus, what words go into this song. The results were awesome!! Afterwards we found the matching scriptures that match words to this song. Come hear Jesus sing to His People in TAKE COMFORT MY PEOPLE, TAKE COMFORT IN ME!

The Gospel Spreads The Earth By:

Live Christian Radio
Live Internet Sermons
Worship Bible Praise Fellowship
Gospel Internet Web Site At The Very Best
Live Satelitte Tv Technology
All Foreign Langauge Bibles On Line

The Gospel Travels The World Fullfilling Bible Prophecy Gospel Radio On The Air and The Internet
Come See The Exciting Fullfillment Of The Gospel Traveling Around The World

Hebrew for name of Jesus is Yeshua

Prophecy Fullfillment of The Messiah Jesus (Yeshua)

Want to be sucessful in witnessing to non-believing Jews. They need to know and see the entire Prophecy's in the Old Testiment, and also see the Fullfillment of those prophecy in the New Testiment. That is what this webpage is all about. Come print out the entire scriptures of the story of Jesus the Messiah Yeshua! Help us send these scriptures email to the wailing wall in Israel to witness to them.

Join Us In Preaching The Gospel to the Jews!
FREE! Here is what you will need! Click Here For More Information!

Then Peter said unto them, "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." Acts 2:38

Are Tornado's From God or satan?

God Speaks About Why There Are Tornado's

In these last days more and more Tornado's are invading the land. What causes Tornado's? Science trys to explain them, weather centers try to predict them. But many fail to look up in every scripture in the Bible to find out what causes them. Come see the entire list of Bible Scriptures on this Subject. God has much to speak to us though His Own Words.

Jesus said "The Deeds Of The Nicolations Which I Hate"

In The Book of Revelations (Rev 2), Jesus wrote a warning letter to the Christian Churches. He warned them that He hates the Deed of the NICOLATIONS. Jesus warned them, unless they repent, they will not overcome. How can we repent if we don't know what this is?? Come find out as we take a walk though the scriptures and encyclopedia on this subject.

Win Our Teen Back To Jesus

Win our Teens and Schools back to Jesus. There are so many teens hurting, and turning into dangerous evils of drugs, brooze,sex, porn, and evil occult computer games. Schools no long allow Bible Studies or prayer in them. Jesus is the only Hope these teens have. Sound the TRUMPET Alarm. Raise the Standards of Righteous upon the land! Join the on going Revivial Prayer Intercessory to bring all teens back to JESUS. We also are praying for Revival in No Abortion Kids have the right to be born!

The New Covenant of Jesus the Christ

The Blood of Jesus the Christ (Yeshua = Hebrew name)
Took Away Our Sins by dieing for us at the Cross!
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If You Need know Salvation in Him.

Freedom From Bondage

It Is Jubilee! Jesus Will Set You Free

Jubilee comes once every 50 years, when our Heavenly Father in Heaven delievers His people out of slavery of bondage and debts. It is Jubilee Year! Come discover all the scriptures on Jubilee, and find out what Jesus Christ (Yeshua In Hebrew) will do for you and your family.

Jesus Returns For Us

Jesus Will Return! Are You Ready?

Long ago Jesus sat on Mt Zion overlooking Jerusalem crying, because many did not recongize him that the scriptures fortold. They did not do an indepth bible study search in scriptures on topic of His Coming. Nowdays, Jesus is coming again for His people. How many will really do an indepth study on the scriptures concerning His Coming Return Rapture for us? Will you? Or will Jesus again, cry aloud?

Many Christians have heard Three types of Bible Teachings concerning the Rapture when Jesus comes back to take us home. Which one is the Bible Scripture Truth? Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, or Post-Trib? There is only ONE Bible and only ONE Bible Truths, while the others are tradions of men. The Only way to discover the real Truth is to pray asking, for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead you. And putting all scriptures of Jesus coming side by side to read them on your dining room table. Come see all the scriptures about the Coming of Jesus. Find out which one it is? Do you have the oil (word) in your lamps to be Ready For Jesus? Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

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