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Leo Corbett

Leo Corbett is the red galaxy ranger on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Leo's older brother Mike would have taken the red ranger powers if he hadn't fallen into a crevice so now Leo continues the Corbett family name. But later on we find out that things were meant to happen. It was Leo's destiny to receive the red ranger powers, and it was Mike's to pull the saber from the stone.

Leo snuck on board Terra Venture to see new worlds but what gave him the courage was this little old lady who said the new world needed people like him. He had to done soldier gear so that Terra Venture security would catch him and throw him off, that's when his first really big duty appeared. While training with the soldiers on the moon, a portal opened and Maya dropped out. He followed his brother and Kendrix through the portal after the girl. On her planet, Mirinoi, they fight Scorpius' army to save the planet, and end up pulling the legendary Quasar Sabers from their resting place. Well, all but Leo. Furio gets angry and creates a crevice, making Mike fall into it. But not before he hands over his saber to Leo. And the rest is history.

Kai started out not liking him but I suppose Leo grew on him. The moment Kendrix and Leo first met, all the viewers could see the spark between them. (Kai's turning blue with jealousy) It was also a big setback for him when Kendrix died in the line of duty. He, along with the others realized that the powers didn't make them immortal. They were still vulnerable like regular people. But Kendrix's death propelled him to continue on and not think of the consequences. Afterall, we don't want her to die in vain. Of course she returned in the last episode and all was well.

Leo Corbett is played by actor Danny Slavin. Danny is from Phoenix, Arizona and he was born in August. He graduated from a college in San Diego, CA. Danny has recieved small roles in the Bold and the Beautiful, Saved By the Bell, and Days of Our Lives.