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The former Princess of Evil, Astronema, Karone has now returned to the good side. Just in time also. When Kendrix died stopping the pink psycho ranger from getting the Savage Sword, the galaxy rangers were short one team member and therefore not at full power. Kendrix herself picked Karone to carry on the pink legacy, and carry on did she.

Karone is Andros' younger sister who was kidnapped by Darkonda when she was young. She grew up under Eclipter's care, and quickly rose in Dark Specter's ranks. We met her in the beginning of Power Rangers in Space, where as Astronema, she is sent after Andros, the red space ranger. Later she meets the other future space rangers, TJ, Carlos, Cassie, and Ashley. Before she can destroy them, Andros shows up and saves their butts. Gives them a morpher and makes them into space rangers. She responds by going after them, what any villain or villainess would do. Later in second season we discover that she's Andros' sister, and so she turns to the good side. An implant from Dark Specter, his going away present, and turns her evil against her will. She is close to destroying the rangers as cyber-Astronema until Andros accidentally kills her. When he cries, his tears fall upon her face and a miracle happens. She's alive! As space ends, she and Zhane are reunited. She has her family, and her friends. They head for Earth.

Later on, Karone returns and we find her on Onyx, trying to get the pink quasar saber. And she succeeds. She overhears Trakeena talking about a trap for the rangers and leaves to help. Trakeena almost defeats her and takes the saber. Spirit Kendrix appears saving her and gives her the pink morpher, making Karone the new pink galaxy ranger. She fights alongside the other rangers and becomes good friends with them, Maya especially. She also helps Leo become the Red Battlized Ranger. In the end, the quasar sabers are returned to the stone on Mirinoi and we can only guess Karone either continued to reside on Mirinoi with the others, or returned to where the retired space rangers were currently.

Karone is played by Melody Perkins. Melody was born on January 28, 1974 in Wiesbaden, Germany. She grew up in Sacramento, California. Melody is a model and an actress, having appeared in several different catalogs, commercials, and guest starring in different television series. She has performed with the Sacramento Ballet Company and the Jazz Unlimited Dance Company.

Her television appearances include "Hide Tide", "Silk Stalkings", and "Malcolm in the Middle." Her movies include only "Coyote Ugly." However, a new Wizard of Oz movie is in production that Melody will be in. The only information that I have is that she plays a guard at the Emerald City gates. Good luck to her and hope the movie comes through!

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