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Cassie Chan

Cassie Chan first showed up on power rangers in Turbo when she and TJ were on a bus headed towards Stone Canyon. The bus stopped, TJ went to investigate something and didn't return. The bus was about to leave, and Cassie stayed behind with their stuff. (Wish my friends would do that.) Cassie became the pink ranger because the former pink ranger, Kat, was proud of what Cassie did to help her when she and Tommy were attacked by Piranahtrons. Cassie later became the pink space ranger when the four older memebers of the Turbo team blasted off into space to stop Divatox. They met up with Andros and he reluctantly handed over the astro morphers.

In Turbo when Phantom showed up, sparks of romance were seen as fast as a speeding torpedo between him and Cassie. It's a shame their relationship never went anywhere since we're all rooting for the two of them. Since we don't know what happened at the end of Count Down to Destruction, we can only hope they're together and their relationship finally lifted off.

Cassie Chan is played by Patricia Ja Lee. She was born on July 19, 1975. PJL enjoys snowboarding(me too, when I don't fall), art, painting, jewelry making, studying(yuck!), acting(I should think so), and hanging with her friends. PJL speaks some Korean and Spanish, and her ethnic heritage is Korean-American. She's done some modeling and was majoring in the entertainment field. Patricia decided to try out for the part of Cassie when a friend of hers informed her about the part and urged her to go out for it. What do ya know!?! She got the part! (And to think I'm never informed of openings like these.)

Since leaving PRiS, Patricia has been keeping herself busy with modeling and guest starred on two episodes of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. She has done several voice overs for Pioneer in the Japanese Animes, "El Hazard", and "Serial Experients Lain." She is currently making the movie "Extreme Challenges" with other martial artists in the world. Good luck!

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