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Russia:An Amazing Place

My Favorite Links

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Well,as I've studied Russian for three years, am am continuing on, it's obvious that I have a huge fasicnation with Russia. Russia is so interesting and it's history, how fasicnatining it is cannot even be put into words. One of the most interesting however is about Rasputin, the Russian monk alter The palace of Nicolas and Alexandra came to a fall. Their son was constantly bleeding(a condition he had) and this monk, well he came in and each time he could stop it. The family trusted him, only to be betrayed by him. He wanted the kingdom. He was assasinated, but it took so long to kill him. Poison didn't kill him righ away.He didn't even die when he was beaten so much, a person would be killed. I need to read up more, Rasputin died after being poisoned by cyanide in cakes and wine and then being shot about four times, with one bullet lodged in his brain. He was still not dead when he was wrapped up in a curtain and thrown into the Neva. The post-mortem found that he had water in his lungs, so he was still alive when he was thrown in. They think he died of hypothermia. Well, I don't perfectly know the story, and I may have some details wrong, but this is what My Russian teacher ytold us in when we were talking about history. I've been meaning to do some more reading up on Russian History and when I get to that I'll update the page on other things I find real intersting.

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