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Gorpie's Home

Welcome to Gorpie’s!
Page last updated 8/24/00

Go see the answers to "What's A Gorpie?"

Gorpie's started in June or July 1997 as a User Room in the Entertainment section of Yahoo! chat. We started the room because the people who went to Books & Literature who actually wanted to talk about books got mad at us (go figure)! So, we made Gorpie's. We made several other rooms, too, but Gorpie's became the standard. Maybe because so many people walked in to ask, "What's a Gorpie?".

Due to whatever it was Yahoo! did in July 1998 (I was taking a break from chat, so don't know the details), the first Gorpie's Clubs were started. While I'm back and will try to help keep the Gorpie's User Room (still under the Entertainment section of Yahoo! chat) open, here are links to several of the clubs so you can visit. If you decide to join I think you can do it there (if I'm stepping on anyone's toes here, please let me know). This list is not yet complete! If you know of other Gorpie's chat or message board locations or mail lists, please let me know and I'll post them.

Gorpie's 4
Ode to Gorpie's
International Picnic
Gorpie's 2K
Gorpie's Palace
Gorpie's State University (a place for college-bound Gorpies)
Gorpie's Local Pub/Café/Reading Room/Dancehall (GorPub for short)
the Egroups message board
Yahoo! chat

The first thing you hopefully notice in any Gorpie's room is the warm, friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to have a nice place where people can come to relax and enjoy themselves. If you’re having a rough day (or week, or year), you can find someone you relate with and talk about it.

In any Gorpie's room, we have one rule: Respect everyone in the room.

Now, by respect I don't mean you have to defer to them, agree with them, or even like them. But you have to listen to them (unless they're being a jerk so you put them on ignore). Even (maybe especially) if they have an opinion that differs from yours. After all, if you have an opinion that's different, you want to be listened to, right?

Sometimes it seems all we do is say "hi" and "bye" and hug a lot, but I think it beats being ignored and sworn at!

So if you like, please take a tour. And enjoy your stay!

Now, you can get your very own Gorpie's Membership Card!
Please note that this is just for fun--you do not need one to chat in any Gorpie's room.

The card was designed by Kilroi, based on an idea by StarlaBlueSpaced.

To receive your personalized card, send me an email
(all I need is your chat name as you want it on the card and, if you have a Mac, whether to send a jpg or giff file):

This cool icon was created for us by Shiro.

I just tried to mail cards to the following chatters and had them returned as their email addresses are no longer valid. If you know how to contact them, please let me know:

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