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Williams of Kilkenny, Ireland


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Williams from 1700-

I. John? Williams m.  Ellen Nash?
 A. Margaret m. Phelan [Michael, James or both]
 B. Mary m. James Murphy
 C. Christopher
 D. Joseph
 E. James Patrick (Late 1790's-18__) m.{Feb.6 1826} Ellen Brennan (1810-18__)
  1. John (1826-189?) m.{18__} Mary Staunton (18__-__)
      a. Bridget
      b. Ellen m. Pat Murphy [no children]
      c. James m. Maggie Kealy [no children]
      d. Patrick (Youngest and last to die 3/16/1867-1944)
  2. Patrick(5/17/1829-14) m.{1854} Elizabeth Powers(1824-78)
      a. James P.(1855-1929) m. Katherine Hanley (1863-1948)
      b. Katherine (1858-1930) m. Ambrose Keefe (1855-1940)
      c.  Ellen (Nellie) (1860-1941)
  3. Julia [Judy](1832-99) m. {1857} Michael Rice(1828-87)
      a.Ellen (1858-1914) m. Pat Hart (1848-1946)
      b. John (1859-1951) m. Mary Howard (1859-1943)
      c. Elizabeth (1862-1947) m. Frank Waters
      d. James (1862-1947) m. Marguerite McGuire.
      e. Anna (1868-1919) m. Frank McAdams (1865-1928)
      f. Daniel (1871-1932) m. Olive Long (1874-)
  4. Ellen (1834-97) m. Martin Fitzgerald (1830-1881)
    a.Mary(1859-) m. Thomas Ellis II (1856-1952)
      i. John, 
      ii. Nellie 
      iii. Bessie 
      iv. Matthew
      v. J. Arthur (1883-1959)m. Nellie Hennessy (1885-1960)
        1. Clem (1910) m. ???
           A. Rose Marie (1941), Robert (1942), Mary Pat (1943), 
              Sharon (1945), Mary (1946-46), Richard (1949), 
              Barbara (1953), Susan (1954)
  5. James (1837-) [no information, may have died at a young age]
  6. Margaret(1838-1904) m. Patrick Cavanaugh (1836-)
      a. John m. ?
      b. Ellen (1865-) m. James Re(a)gan (1856-)
      c. Mary(1871-1911) m. Charles Wynn
      d. Martin (1874-1932) m. Alicia Harow(1877-1968)
      e. James (1876-1897)
      f. William (1880-)
  7. Mary(1841-77) m. Edward McConnon [believed to of had three children. 
     After Mary died, possibly in child birth, Edward married Martha Delaney.]
      a. Elizabeth (c.1868-) m. Jerry Delaney (1870-)
      b. Nellie (c.1869-) [may have died young]
      c. Jennie or Janny (1877-)
  8. Anne Maria (1846-1892) m. Terrence Dolen (1838-1922)
      a. John Henry (1871-1954) m. Kathryn Brown
      b. Ellen Frances (1875-1945) m. David McKeown
      c. Mary Gertrude[Mame](1877-1959) m. Kenneth Smith
      d. James Edward (1879-1967) m. Rose____
      e. Esther Anne (1881-1964)
      f. Jullia Catherine (1883-1963)
      g. William Milton (1889-1964) m. Frances Welch (1885-1972)
  9. Katherine (1849-1925) m. David Noonan  [brother of Margaret and Bridget see #3]
      a. Nellie (1884-1962) m. Michael Bergin (1882-1950)
      b. Johanna (1886-1980) m. Homer Culver
      c. Margaret (1888-1907)
      d. Mary (1890-1976) m. Cloude Scott
  10. Martin (1843-1931) m.{1875} Bridget Noonan (1852-1935)[Margaret's sister]
      a. Johanna Mary[Josie] (1877-1929) m. Richard Kennedy (1869-1941)
            i. Leonard m. Ellen Fleming
            ii. Mildred m. Walter Busch
      b. Margaret Ann (1880-1948) m. John Francis Crowley (1876-1941)
      c. Nellie Grace (1876-1879)
      d. John M. (1886-1888)
      e. Francis
      f. Harry James (1882-1954) m. Yolande[a] Machin
            i. Margaret m. Francis Jumer
            ii. Martin m. Mildred Venenga
      g. Charles Augustus (1887-1969) m. Agnes Irene Schoof (1897-1985)
            i. Hope (1918-) m.  Leo Smith 
                  1. Marylin (1947-1975) m. Charles Valenta  [killed in car crash]
                  2. Bruce  
                  3. Michael 
            ii. Alice Elaine (Oct 6, 1925-Oct 13, 1930)
            iii. Patricia (1931-___) m. J. Thomas [Tom] Zimmerman
                  1. Lynnette m. Mark Wiegardt 
                  2. Charles m. Julie
                  3. Susan  m. Jeffrey Lyons
                  4. Mary m. Scott
                  5. Mark  m. Christine Hightower
            iv. Willard Charles Williams (Aug 21 1921-July 20 1988) m. {Feb.14,1943} 
                Laura May Pederson (May 23 1920)
                  1. John Richard 
                  2. Charles Francis  m. {Jun. 27, 1991} Diane Matulatis
                  3. Sheryl Jean  m. {Dec. 28, 19__} Jeffrey Lee Murray
                       i. Ryan Scott  m.{July 5, 1997} Michelle Lynn Binkley
                            a. Arielle Vanessa 
                       ii. Robin Anne 
                  4. Gregory Thomas m. {June 23, 1972) Regina Addie Persons 
                       i. Rolon Sylvain m. {Feb.18, 1995} Trina Lee Negus 
                            a. Casey Negus
                            b. Cornelius Joseph 
                            c. Emmett Mackenzie 
                       ii. Alicia Samara
                       iii. Ruth Ellen 
                       iv. Lucinda Irene 
                       v. James Ezra Patrick
                       vi. Nathaniel Alexander Joseph

I. John Noonan m. Johanna Cronin [Lived and died in County Limerick, Ireland] A. Margaret (1/8/1844-9/12/1915) m. Patrick Brennan (1840-1915) [Son of Thomas Brennan, Ellen Brennan Williams' brother] B.David (1847-1902) m. Katherine Williams 1. Nellie (1884-1962) m. Michael Bergin (1882-1950) i. [4 children] 2. Johanna (1886-___) m Homer Culver i. [1 daughter] 3. Margaret (1888-1907) 4. Mary (1890-1976) m. Claude Scott i. [4 children] C. Patrick [born and died in County Limerick, Ireland] D. Daniel (1851-__) m Nettie Johnson [From Norway. May have been called Rosa] 1. John P. (1881-1903) m. Martha? [Ladder man, run over by fire engine] 2. Nora (1884-19__) m. Boylan or Baylan 3. Mary (1885-19__) m. Henry Bodeman 4. Grace (1890-19__) m. Pearson 5. Daniel (1890-__) m. E. Alice [born and died in County Limerick, Ireland] F. Bridget (1852-1935) m. Martin Williams (1843-1931)

I. Patrick Brennan m. Mary Tobin A. Ellen m.{Feb.6 1826} James Wiliams B. Thomas W. (1809-1885) m. {14 Feb 1832} Bridget Dwyer (?-1849) [wife and one child died in Ireland and he came to America with remaining children in 1852] 1. Julia (1833-1883) m. {abt. 1858} James Powers (1838-1912) [Brother of Patrick Williams wife] i. Charles (1859-?) [died young] ii. Nicholas (1860-1942) m. _____ Carey iii. Mary (1862-1946) iv. Bridget (1866-1926) m. James Butler v. John Powers (1870-1942) m. Minnie Herrick vi. Katherine (1874-1964) m. Nicholas Gardiner vii. Alice (1875-1952) m. John Butler 2. Martin (1836-1903) m. {1862} Mary Ryan (1837-1919) [cousin of Martin Williams wife Bridget Noonan] i. John Francis (1863-1940) m. {1890} Ellen [Nellie] Kavanaugh ii. William Henry (1866-1948) m. {1980} Margaret Ruddy iii. Margaret (1867-1952) m. {1898} Anthony Sharpe iv. Sister Bridget [Mary Canice] (1869-1951) v. Mary [Mamie] (1872-1949) m. {1892} Patrick H. Manahan vi. Julia (1874-1949) m. {1893} John Tuohy vii. Honorah [Nona] Evangeline (1876-1964) Patrick Henry Laivell viii. Nellie (1879-1881) 3. John (1839-1863) [Never married. During the Civil War he enlisted in the Union Army from Chatfield, MN. Died while in the service burried in Vicksburg, Mississippi.] 4. Patrick (1840-1915) m. {1865} Margaret Noonan (1844-1915)[sister of Martin Williams' wife Bridget] i. Johanna (1866-1867) ii. John (1867-1950) m. {1906} Alice Teeter a. Marvis (1910-1910) b. Paul (1911-?) m. Karina Brandt c. Carol Meridith (1914-?) m. {1933} Walter Flanagan d. Delores (1917-?) m. R. J. Edstrom e. Infant twin (1917-1917) iii. Bridget (1869-1912 m.{1900} John Bonn iv. Thomas (1871-1922) m. {1912} Agnes Murphy v. David Francis (1872-1934) m. {1902} Mary Elizabeth Hennessy a. Patrick Bernard (1905-1970) m. {1930} Alice Myrene Mikesh vi. Patrick (1875-1949) m. {1901} Edith Hansen (1881-1946) a. Leo (1901-1974) m. Vange Solberg b. Lester (1903-1985) c. Margaret (1905-1986) m. Oliver Solheim d. Lawrence (1907-?) m. Doris Thornton e. Mildred (1909-1997) m. Lawrence Shelver f. Opal (1911-?) m. Raymond Petersen g. Patricia (1913-1997) m. Richard McGrann h. Delores (1915-1984) m. Thomas Meagher i. Phillip (1917-?) m. Marie Albus j. Lorraine (1919-1976) m. Gerald Sanders k. Frances (1921-?) m. Edward Smith l. Marianna (1923-1970) m. Duane Remillard m. Eileen (1926-?) m. Walter Medeiras vii. Johanna (1877-1955) m. {1908} Frank Horan a. Margaret (1909-?) m. Fred Ferch b. Evelyn (1912-?) m. C.A. Rogers viii. Martin (1879-1959) m. {1913} Rosalie M. Teeter ix. Daniel (1882-1972) m. Eugenia Sterzinger (1884-1982) a. Francis (1905-1974) m. Helen McShane b. Lucille (1907-?) m. Fred Palen c. Bertram (1908-1969) m. Frances Clifford d. Gerald (1913-?) m. Opal Thompson e. Irene (1917-?) m. Arthur Wade f. Elizabeth [Sister Rose] (1923-?) 5. Bridget (1844-1898) m. {1873} Michael William Murphy i. John (1875-1875) ii. Thomas (1876-1970) m. Margaret Hanten iii. Mary (1879-1923) m. Henry Hanten iv. Daniel (1880-1926) m. Ida Berg v. Alice (1882-1958) m. Francis Sears 6. James (1846-1848?) 7. Nicholas (1849-1928) m. {1875} Margaret Caveny i. Beulah Ann (1876-1882) ii. Bertha (1878-?) m. Albert Engebretson iii. William O. (1882-1971) m. Louise Lemke iv. Lavenia (1886-?) m. Marcus Syverson

1. John Whitacre m. {Dec 3, 1702} Jane Parker Bond Scott[had been married to John Scott II {1687-Death} 5 Children Ann, Sarah, John III, Thomas, Henry.] a. Robert m. {1732} Sarah Tomlinson i. Martha (1734) m. {1754} Thomas Merrick ii. Mary (1736) m. {1763} John Simmons iii. Robert Jr. (1739) m. {1761} Sarah Winder iv. Joseph (1742) m. {1775} Sarah Harvey v. Jane (1744) m. {1766} David Stockdale vi. Sarah (1746) m. {1772} Joseph Large/Sarge vii. Mercy (1748) m. {1772} David Johnston/Johnson viii. Elizabeth (1750) m. {1780} Mr. Hutchinson b. John Whitacre Jr. (1704) m. {1734} Naomi Hulme i. Naomi ii. John III m. {1758} Keziah Taylor [3 children] and Ester ____[5 children] iii. George m. {1768} Ruth Wilson [?] iv. Hanna m. {1775}John Jared v. Joseph m. {1780} Jane Wilson vi. Benjamin m. {1780} Alice Gore vii. Caleb m. {1776} Phoebe Gore and Rebecca Bracken [1 child] viii. Robert m. {1783} Sarah Roach [1 child], {1786} Hannah Janny, and {1789} Patience Mckay [7 children] ix. Joshua m. {1780} Ann Steer 1. Phebe (1814)m. {1833} John Littlefield 2. Naomi (1792) 3. Daniel (1794) m.{1816} Elizabeth Paxton 4. Mary Ann (1805) m. {1825} Jacob Taylor 5. Hanna (1788) 6.Cornelius (1790) m. {1811} Linna Ades a. Uriah (1813) b. Daniel (1818) c. Mary Ann (1819) m. Hugh Pike d. Joshua (1824) m. Hannah Ingledue and Harriet Davidson e. Elizabeth (1827) m. {1851} Joseph Lodge f. James (1829) g. Uriah (1830) m. {1852} Margaret Erwin h. Thomas Ellwood (1835) m. {1861) Sarah Erwin i. Sarah Candace (1842) m. {1861} Andrew Holibaugh j. Naomi Whitacre m. {1846} Joseph Morlan 1. Cornelius Whitacre Morlan m. {1870} Agnes Cooper a. Alice Naomi m. {1890} Karl Johann (John) Schoof A. Agnes Irene m. {1917} Charles Augustus Williams

Negus [more coming soon]
I. Jonathan (1602) m. Jane Dieghton A. Isaac [Capt.] (1650) m. Hannah Andrews 1. Isaac Jr. (abt. 1682) m. Hannah ??? a. John Negus m. Lavina West i. Shaidlock (1749-1806) m. Sarah Smith A. Joshua (1781-1854) m. Ann/Nancy Shreve (1789-1867) 1. West (1815-1885) m. {1841} Lucinda Sargent (1823-1866?) a. Thomas Rae (1851-1929) m. Annie Alphadine Morris i. Clarence Waldo (1887-1961) m.{1906} Florence Rose Aslin (1886) A. Wayne Arthur (1907- 199_) m. Anona Lee Hinshaw (1918) 1. Gary 2. Lyle Anthony (1939) m. {1959} Angela Louise Winter (1939) a. Kirk(1961) m. {1982) Lucinda White(1962) i. Samantha ii. Kyle b. Eric(1963) m. {1993} Sherry______(1969) i. Victoria ii. Ryan Wayne c. Ethan(1965) m. {1987} Hiedi Jacoby (1966) i. Christopher ii. Seth iii. Hillary iv. Whitley Winter d. Trina Lee (1971) m. {1995} Rolon Sylvain Williams

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