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Sam and Kathy Yachuk's 2004 Western Adventure


July 29th We left Ottawa on a nice sunny morning. Kath and I arrived at Deep River at 11:30 AM to attend to some business at Jim’s

Service Center. We left at 1 PM and had a pleasant trip through North Bay and arrived

at Ray and Anne’s place in Sudbury at 4:30 PM.



July 30th We had a wonderful visit with Ray and Anne including a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine (or two)!


July 31st Spent the day shopping, buying odds and ends. We took Ray and Anne out to dinner. Afterwards Kathy and I attended church service at 4:30 PM.


August 1st We left Sudbury at noon and arrived in Espanola where we paid 85.5 cents/liter for gas. We drove on to Elliot Lake. The town is beautiful. We had lunch at the park and then continued west. We met Brian Prouty at a gas station in Deerfoot Center. Brian is a neighbour of my cousin Henry in Kenora. On the road we saw Mennonites riding horse and buggy on Hwy 17. We camped overnight at Hilton Beach before Sault Ste Marie. We met Guy and Judy, a couple we know from Texas. There was a karaoke party that night. It was a great evening.



August 2nd Left camp at noon. We encountered heavy fog before Wawa.


August 3rd Camped at White Lake provincial park.




There is lots of fishing, swimming, cycling and a beautiful campground. We phoned cousin Ann in Thunder Bay. We arrived in Thunder Bay and camped at Chippewa Park. Later we visited Ann.



August 4th Called Phyllis and Pat. We toured the local gardens with Patricia. That evening we went to see cousin Phyllis and her husband John.





August 5th Laundry Day! We did a laundry at Pat’s place. Later we met Ross at Robins Donuts. We had a wonderful dinner with Ross and Evangeline – Kathy’s second cousin. Afterwards we headed back to Camp Chippewa for the night.


















August 6th We’re off to Hudson, Ontario. It’s 4 PM when we arrive. We meet Marie-Ann and her daughter Lindsey at the store getting information for Turetskis place. Later we arrived at Peter and Elsie’s. Elsie is Kathy’s cousin. We parked for the night in their driveway. Their son, Stephan and his wife Rose arrived and spent some time with us.




August 7th We had breakfast and lunch at Peter’s. It was a lovely day. Marie-Ann their daughter, and her husband Mike came in to watch Kathy bake raisin bread. Afterwards we all ate fresh raisin bread with homemade marmalade. We attended mass at 5:15 PM at Sioux Lookout. We had dinner, with wine at Peter and Elsie’s place. Afterwards we played cribbage. Peter and Sam won four games.


August 8th Picked wild blueberries. There was a good crop in the bush. We visited Mike Makar, Kathy’s Cousin, and Florence. There was a young black bear sitting in the driveway! We had a wonderful time.




August 9th We had breakfast and lunch at Turetskis. It rained all night and the next day. We left at 1 PM for Kenora, arriving at 4 PM. Here is a pix of my cousin Henry and his wife Rose welcoming us. I haven’t seen Henry since 1968. Thank God we are still alive and well. They have a yard full of flowers, ornaments and waterfalls. Henry does lots of glass works, his own designs and Rose does a lot of stonework. We had dinner, relaxed and chatted about old times.


August 10th It rained all day. We relaxed and went out for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. The food was good. We spent the night solving political problems. Unfortunately we couldn’t remember the solutions in the morning.


August 11th We left Henry’s in Kenora at 12:30 PM. We arrived in Lorrette, Manitoba at 5 PM. We met Harry, Kathy’s cousin, in town. We arrived at Harry’s place in time for dinner. Sausages, perogies.



August 12th Sam helped Harry install vents in the house. We had lasagna for dinner.


August 13th We were so successful yesterday that we installed more vents today! Kathy did some laundry. Camille, Harry’s wife, and Kathy went shopping and had lunch with Kathy’s cousin Donna at the casino in Winnipeg. Harry prepared a salmon for dinner.


August 14th Harry’s brother, Mike, and his wife, Susan, dropped in. we went shopping at Wal-Mart’s and framed some pictures for Harry. Dinner was on us at a Japanese restaurant.



August 15th Attended 9:15 Mass at Lorrette church. Brunch was blueberry pancakes. We visited my cousin Mel and his wife. We returned to Harry’s for a stuffed moose meat dinner. Harry and Camille wanted us to stay for another week or two.



August 16th A slight rain today. We stayed in and played cards and reminisced. We went for 2 mile walks every day. We had wraps for dinner.


August 17th We left Harry’s at 10:30 AM. Sam’s feet were swelling so we went to a clinic and got a prescription. He’s fine now, just pissing every ten minutes. We had lunch in the parking lot at Safeway’s. We arrived in Brandon at 4:30 PM and camped at Curran RV park.


August 18th We moved to Meadowlark RV park in Brandon. It is sunny but the wind is cold. Kathy made bread. Later she called her cousin, Wilma. We arrived at her old address, called again and they came to meet us. We drove to there new place about 10 miles out of town. Dinner was at Wilma’s, stuffed pork and cherry cheesecake. Boy, I sure feel like a stuffed pork now!




My cousin George Baraniuk had come to the campground and left a note but it was too late to call. We called the next morning but there was no answer. We missed him.


August 19th We left Brandon at 11AM. It was warm with no wind. We stopped to see the Ukrainian Celo (village) and Orthodox church. We met two older gentlemen there. Some of the monuments installed depict the history of the Ukrainian settlers in the Dauphin area. A lot of history is not known about the treatment of the immigrants. Many Ukrainian men and young boys were interned and spent many years behind barbed wire during WW I.



We arrived at Gilbert Plains at 4:45 PM at Marian’s (Kathy’s cousin) and her husband Sid’s place. Roast beef was served for dinner. We visited Kathy’s cousin, Nellie and her husband Ray. It was a great evening. There was a heavy frost that night and the garden was ruined.




August 20th After breakfast we visited Kathy’s cousin Nellie Yurkiw. We spent the afternoon with Nellie and lunched at the Hotel Diner. Later we had dinner with Nellie, Marion and Syd in Gilbert Plains. Afterwards we had a long walk with Syd and Marion.


August 21st Breakfast at the Hayes. We left Syd’s at 1:15 PM. An hour later we arrived at Petlura to visit Kathy’s cousin Henry and see Henry’s prize rack. We had a delicious dinner with Henry and his wife Marlene. We had pitpanki, morels and moose meat. We enjoyed the dinner and then played cards. Henry’s neighbour joined us. We had a great time.





August 22nd It is a sunny day. After breakfast we went for a walk with Henry down the valley. We left Henry’s at 1 PM. We stopped in Inglis at 2 PM and met the reeve, Alvin Zimmer. Bill Sawchuck is in charge of restoring the Inglis elevators. The grain elevators are not in use but all three are being restored. We met Mrs. Joan Armstrong, in her 80’s. She remembers Kathy and her sister Anne when they were young little girls dressed well. We arrive in Russell at 3 PM. We camped at the Municipal park. There were electric hookups at no charge. We had dinner at Maggies with her daughter Marie. After dinner we went to Marie’s apartment for wine and talk.




August 23rd Monday morning rain. After breakfast we ordered flowers for Kathy’s parents graves. We visited the graveyard and visited the markers for Kathy’s mother, father and brother. After we visited Maggie. Marie had a problem with her computer but that computer whiz Sam fixed the problem. Lunch was in the RV. We spent the afternoon with Maggie. We picked up the flowers and returned to the graveyard. We saw the old Ukrainian and Romanian churches. We dropped in to see Kathy’s old homestead in Inglis, Manitoba. It had been rebuilt. We met the owners, Gloria and Ivan Armstrong. They had demolished the old house and built a new one. We were invited inside to see the new fantastic house. We signed the guest book. We were invited to come and stay with them next time we are in the vicinity. Great reception.



We ordered a pizza for dinner at Russell Inn. We dined with Maggie and Marie. After dinner we watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” at Maggie’s.



August 24th After breakfast we drove to Inglis and had a tour through the restored elevators. We drove to see the ski hill and river. It’s a wonderful site. Lunch we ate in the van. We arrived at Ron and Florence’s place in Weyburn Saskatchewan at 4 PM. These are old friends we know from Texas for nine years. We had a pork chop dinner and then toured the Fire Hall. Ron is a retired fire chief. I had the van power washed there.



August 25th We visited Ron’s son-in-law Dale and daughter Pat Larsen. The Larsen’s are farming 6000 acres of grain plus 800 acres of potatoes. We had a tour to see the potato fields. Their equipment is worth over $2 million dollars. They have some heavy tractors, combines, potato pickers, potato sorters plus the barns. Everything is mechanized. Later we visited Ron’s sister’s place, the Turcottes. They are farming 8000 acres of grains such as canola, wheat, rye, peas, etc. We got a great welcome by everyone. It was a real pleasure visiting. We had dinner at KFC. There was no rain.




August 26th It’s Thursday morning and raining. Kathy made raisin bread. Ron took us to Nickel Lake campground. It’s very nice. We visited Ron’s brother Cliff and Dorothy Benning and met Ron’s sister, Vera Anderson. We stopped by Wal-Mart. We had roast beef and fresh beets for dinner at Ron and Flo’s place.


August 27th After breakfast we left the Bennings at 9:30 AM. We entered the USA at Pastel, North Dakota. Gas was $1.95 a gallon at Minot North Dakota. We shopped at Miracle Mart and camped at the Wagon Wheel RV park in Valley City. It is a very good place with an indoor swimming pool and whirlpool.


August 28th We left at 10:30 AM. In Glendon, Minnesota the gas was $1.79 per gallon. Below is a picture of a native girl in native dress. At Detroit Lakes the leaves are turning red. The scenic route road took us to River Place campground at 7 PM. We ate diner in the Lotus Inn. It was Vietnamese food and very good. We met some people from Dauphin, Manitoba. We did laundry, had a shower and were in bed by 11:15 PM.



August 29th We left at 9:45 AM and crossed into Canada at 12:15 PM at Sault Ste Marie without problems. We arrived In Sudbury at 4:30 PM and stayed at Ray and Anne’s. We had dinner at Tim Horton’s with Ray and Anne. We played Euchre until 1 AM. Kathy and Anne won. Next day we had a late breakfast and left Sudbury at noon. We arrived in Ottawa at 5:30 PM.




We traveled 8,684 km in one month. It was a great trip and it’s good to be home.


Sam and Kathy Yachuk