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Sebastian Urbaniak

Sebastian Urbaniak

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, the SeaWiFs Project and ORBIMAGE

Curriculum Vitae

ACM Programming Contest Problem Set + Online Judge
(the following statistics are updated every ~12h [or less])
ACM Online Judge, Author Statistics 1-499 , 500-999 , 1000-1499 , 1500-1999 , 2000-2499 , 2500-2999 , 3000-3499 , 3500-3999 , 4000-4499 , 4500-4999 , 5000-5499 , 5500-5999 , 6000-6499 , 6500-6999 , 7000-7499 , 7500-7999 , 8000-8499 , 8500-8999 , 9000-9499 , 9500-9999
ACM Online Judge, Grading of problems (sorted by problem number).
ACM Online Judge, Grading of problems (sorted by correct submissions made).
ACM Online Judge, Grading of problems (sorted by correct solution percentage ).
ACM Online Judge, Grading of problems (sorted by simplicity score).

A list of "Must Have" Books For Any Self Respecting Collection (compiled from various sources).
SCIFI - book encyclopedia.

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