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Welcome to the Canada Day for Stockwell Website
This website started on July the 1st, 2001 as a voice for those supporting the Canadian Alliance party and its leader Stockwell Day and is only the second on the world wide web to do so. The Grassroots for Day was first to take up the just cause of fighting to keep both party and leader intact and ready to battle the opposition in the next general federal election. We quickly followed and have created this network.

All loyalists to Stockwell Day and the Canadian Alliance must federate and back both leader and party this spring coming by making their voices heard. That could be done by donating to his campaign, commenting on the situation in forums and guestbooks, emailing all Canadian Alliance officials and grassroots, letter mailing members for support, making sure your constituency riding association is toeing the grassroot line of the majority to stay CA only and stick to our original reformed conservative principled roots. We will try to get the majority of our party's democratic delegates from the pro-Day camp across the nation's various ridings to persuade more members to back and vote for Day during the 2002 leadership race's events, debates and conventions and against those wanting to destroy the Canadian Alliance, which was supposed to be the United Alternative that brought the Tories inside by watering down our formerly strong policies.

Now they, being the Democratic Representatives in the joint Canadian Conservative party camp, want to bring us even closer towards becoming Progressive Conservatives to the point our Reform-Alliance Members of Parliament sit as Tory members while we have the popular majority vote. This just keeps making those of us former Grassroots United Against Reform's Demise members, who former Reform-Alliance heads silenced, very mad and angry that we were right all along about the UA. We want this to be a party for the people, not Corporate Canada. That is the Mulroney now Clark Tories job when they get in power, if they ever do. Enough is enough, the buck stops here because we have liberalized our party's policies and principles as far as we Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance grassroot members will let ourselves go!

By bookmarking this website and passing it along to other local Day supporters you know, you are stating that you believe the Canadian Alliance can win the crown as Canada's choice of most valuable Canadian Conservative political party over the flawed ideas of the Progressive Conservatives. You are saying that we don't need to unite the right by destroying the Reform Party of Canada-Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance movement and dismantling the grassroots last resort. You agree there is another way to unite the right out there, such as the new idea of a loose regional disparity coalition government at the Canadian Conservative Coalition website, other than breaking this party up and letting the Tories stay as is, were and are without ever having to compromise themselves for the sake of all Canadians, as we have. You are telling the party, Canadian Alliance, the leader, Stockwell Day or other candidates, and Canada that if those enemies want to try and attack, smear and change us they can go ahead but we won't budge for any form of Liberal. We are Reformers for life!

One way in which we are asking pro-Day supporters to help out via the internet is by making your views known through logging on Canada's Conservative Online site for all Canadian Conservative parties official grassroots members to see and understand your reasons for endorsement of Stockwell Day, the United Conservative Alternative Online and go to both its GrassRoots Book and its TownHall Forum and get your pro-Day arguement off your chest. Tell them we will not allow the rebel and weak conservatives to break, rip and tear down what we built in the last 15 years. We have gone too far to just give everything up to the progressive conservatives in Canada, whose membership is so small they might as well join the Liberals who agree in their elitist point of view. So far, we have had added 300 of the estimated 1200 silent, lurking members since March there at the largest Canadian Conservative site online in membership and, by the end of September, we hope to add another 200 pro-Day supporters. We must be vocal, we must be active, we must try to equal all those powers against Day if not exceed it.

Canada Day For Stockwell has also started the Stockwell Day For 2002 Leader CA website, the first website campaigning for the re-election and restoration Stockwell Day as the Canadian Alliance Leader and the next step towards becoming the Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada at It is the first site asking to draft and campaign Stockwell Day for the obvious leadership review we are heading towards for Spring of 2002, thanks to the Democratic Representatives-Progressive Conservatives, who didn't even try to change the system from within and realized the best way to destroy the party you created was by bringing the Grits, Tories, media, Canadian public and even some innocent Reform-Alliance who joined the DR-PC without knowing the consequences they were taking and the destruction they were making. Those are the ones who hurt our party, not Stock and not the real Reformers out there who still care for Canada.

This website too was created the last hour on the Saturday night before Canada Day 2001 with the understanding that since Day MLA is a fully democratic leader by the party on July 8 of 2000, in speech as well as action, he would bow to his party's demands for a leadership review next spring thus a need was there for a pro-Day leadership site, which this is. Also, it allows Day the chance to protect his name and leadership which have been unfairly attacked and unjustly smeared by several groups insinde and outside the party. It has to be understood that anyone that stands for such strong policies that are the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance's like Day will be attacked in public and often. It should have been expected, as Manning and Harper have been attacked in the past, yet some used the usual outside flak for an unusual inside method of ousting out a democratically elected leader of a major political party by its grassroot majority members without their permission and acted upon their own wants and needs over that of the majority inside the party. That is unacceptable. We must, today, stand together as a strong, solid grassroot unit of people under one political principle and tell those that want to end the Reform-Alliance that we back a man who has hard core morals, beliefs and ideals we believe in and trust him to show as an example to other Canadians what a real united Party, Leader and Prime Minister truly should be.

We believe many theories to conspiracy against Day and his leadership of the opposition Canadian Alliance party were possible such as the Left Media, the Liberal Party, the Progressive Conservative Party and the rebels from inside the party, with ties extending to both Team Manning and Team Long but not necessarily the figures themselves, who helped to create the undemocratic Democratic Representative Caucus Association. Please stop on by and take The Next Step towards re-electing Stockwell Day's leadership and restoring the Canadian Alliance's reputation.

You have the power to show Canada our leader is alive, our party is alive and we are as united as we have ever been towards the Reform-Alliance movement taking over Ottawa and changing it for the better! We all remember 1987 in Winnipeg and will not forget. You, the grassroots majority, spoke loud and clear on the issue of the leadership assasination of Stockwell Day and the party coup of the Canadian Alliance. But we need to call on you and your own personal grassroots membership power one more time. A Vote for Stock is a Vote for Reform - show Canada we want it more now than ever before. Remember one member, one vote and with no special interest groups given extra power or vote - just the grassroots speaking their voice. Vote Day For Today to keep the Reform-Alliance Voice Alive Tomorrow!

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In support of Grassroots For Day during Coup CA 2002.

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Supporters of Stockwell Day

Canada Day For Stockwell - Campaign Website for Stockwell Day and the Canadian Alliance - Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance loyalist online grassroots campaign to re-elect and restore Stockwell Day as the Canadian Alliance Leader and the next Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada. Support Stockwell Day and the Canadian Alliance by logging on to and passing it on to other pro-Day or undecided supporters, Canadian Alliance members or not.

Canada Day for Stockwell is a website organized by Canadian Alliance supporters of leader Stockwell Day and the party. All supporters in this movement are independent grassroots members of the party doing so without promise of power nor financial gain but instead in the name of democracy and for their duty to restore what is wrong into right! The past year of Summer 2000 to Summer 2001 has been horrendous for not only the Official Opposition Party, Canadian Alliance, but also for its Leader of the Official Opposition and Member of Parliament for Okanagan Coquihalla, the Honourable Stockwell Day, because of the selfish actions made by the members and supporters of the rebel Democratic Representatives, who at first undemocratically tried to create coup-like conditions to take over control and power of the party from the democratically elected members, then refused to represent their constituents by creating an illegal caucus without party permission and then tried to illegal jump start the United Alternative and create a coalition with the Progressive Conservatives without party permission.

All three major moves, independent from the official Canadian Alliance policy, have compromised not only Stockwell Day's leadership but the Canadian Alliance's party relevancy. These actions are unacceptable and would not have been accepted in the old Reform Party. Help save our leader and our party - pass on this link and bring others here so more can say YES to Stockwell Day and the Canadian Alliance!

Go back home, Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance supporters! We are the United Right in Canada!