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--> About me <--


    NaMe: Sigrid

          AgE: 15 Jahre

                BiRtHdaY: 29. 10. 1989

                          CiTy: Baden

                                  ScHOoL: Frauengasse



  • laughing (that's my favourite hobby *gg*)

  • chatting

  • reading

  • snowboarding & skiing

  • Tennis

  • swimming  

  • ......

  • And of course handball!!!! I'm still not good at that sport. (...The question is: will I ever be...?) But it's lots of fun!!!! =))


What you also have to know about me...:

I'm a total Non-Smoker (I think everybody should know that by now...*gg*) and I hate Cigarette-Fumes!!!

Aaaand I'm an optimist and love sunny days!!! =)))