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My friends are the most important thing in my life!!! My best friend is Kathi...but everybody else is also very important!!! Just different =)) Allthough: Kathi I love you!!!

ThEre ArE pEoPle iYoU gEt tO kNoW
AnD yOu KnoW, tHat yOu nEveR WaNt tO lOsE tHeM AgAiN.
CaUsE If tHeY lEaVe,
YoU wAnt tO lEavE tOo!

I don't want to write about everybody...I'll just write everybodys name...and if I forgot somebody, please tell me!!!! Nice greetings to:


Kathi (Sunki), Sassi, Lea, Nora, Cloudi, Aleks, Melly, Geli, Anita, Mara, Carina, Vali, Anna, Drea, Schörgi (Mutti), Agnes, Lena, Edwige, Kathi R., Mel, Merci, Miriam, Jacky, Sophie, Sabi, Kathi K., Sarah und Tina, Kathi K., Petra, Caro, Karo, Tina, Vali, Vicky, Viki, Conny, Conny, Nina, Passi, Diana, Juliane, Gloria


Stefan, Mario, Manuel, Marki, Martin P., Georg, Daniel, Jakob, Martin C., Luki, Noel, Raphi, Jakob W., Tom (alias meine große Schwester *gg*)

So, if you didn't read your name now, please write an e-mail to me =))