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Friend ship is the shadow of the evening,
Which strengthens with the setting sun of life.

-La Fontaine


My formal education started at the age of 4 yrs, when I was admitted to Ursuline Convent School in Purnea, UCSP as it was normally called at that time. The school was managed by Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk, Belgium and was had very strict and disiplined environment. This is one of the oldest english Medium school in this region.

The origin of Ursuline Convent goes back to August 1966, when at the invitation of Bishop Leo Tigga S.J. of Dumka Diocese in erstwhile North Bihar, the Gangetic plain opened the door in Purnea to welcome the Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk to start a School. Mr. Teddy Johnson's property with an old residence in it, was presented for the purpose. The dilapidated residence was cleaned and on August 22, the House was dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. To comply with the request made by the people, some of the Convent rooms-the garage and the verandah - were used as class rooms for both English and Hindi medium sections. Click Here.. to know about Christianity in Bihar.

I studied in Ursuline from from Lower KG to Std IV. Those were the kindergarden days when life was all play and no work, well a little homework perhaps. Those yesteryears memories are still fresh in my heart. In the early days, I hated school like anything, for a small boy who was treated so specially at home, school was a different experience. But it altogather laid the foundation stone for better tommorrow. In school, everyone knew me as Aunty Basanti's son. Well Aunty Basanti (as called in School, I called her Basanti Pisi), was our relative, my dad's cousin. She was one of the most famous teacher in Ursuline. In my initial days in school, I used to follow her wherever she went by holding her pallu!!!!
Teachers at Ursuline were awesome, Sister Lucian. was our Principal, she was a sweet lady, who cared about us a lot. It was with Dadu, that I went for my admission and trust me, it was very easy getting into there. Then there was another lady - Aunty.... (sorry I caundn't recall her name), she was our class-teacher. She was very strict and I was damn afraid from her. One more thing worth mentioning at this point was the fact that our rickshaw always reached school late or sometimes just in time, the reason being - the oldest and slowest Rickshaw-wala used to drop me to school. My Dadu always used to provide me with the safest rickshaw - this means the slowest and oldest rickshaw puller in the city used to drop me to school, this was to avoid inter rickshaw racing competition by younger pullers.

Some of my best buddies since by early school were

Co-incidently both Ajay & Rohit them joined me in my high school, were - Ursuline Convent was a middle school upto standard Vth, hence I had to change school in class V. I studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Katihar for a year. Thereafter I moved to St. Xavier's School, Sahibganj.

The origin of St. Xavier's School, Sahibganj goes back to the days of British Raj, when the Jesuit Fathers from the island of Malta arrived in Santal Parganas District of Bihar in January 1930. They already had started a Hindi Medium school at Guhiajori and another at Tinpahar. They were aware of the need of an English Medium School to cater for other children.
At the end of 1953, Rev. Fr.A.Savona, S.J., the then Jesuit Superior in Malta, paid a visit to his Maltese confreres in India and encouraged the Fathers to start such a school, preferably at Sahibganj. Soon after a property at Purani Sahibganj, known as “Nil Kothi” or Coomes Compound was purchased. The first Superior of the Fathers working in Santal Parganas, Rev. Fr.J.Portelli, S.J., took office in March 1956 and one of his priorities was to open the English medium school at Sahibganj.
The dream was realized on 21st January 1957 when Xavier School, as it was to be called till the end of 1959 was opened with Fr.Roland Ghirlandoo, S.J., as the First Principal. The first seven children, two girls and five boys were placed thus: one in St.I, five in Preparatory-2 and one in the Infant class.


St. Xavier's School, Sahibganj (SXSS as refered now-a-days) was second home to me. It was a boarding school on the banks of mighty river Ganges, which was surrounded by Ganges on north and green Rajmahal hills on the south. I feel nostalgic remebering my alma mater even today.Nowhere can be found another place like St. Xaviers Sahebganj.I feel that this was the place that gave me my real values, my roots, that hold me to the ground, I owe a lot to this place....

I had joined St. Xavier's way back in 1991-92, in class VI. Fr. Vergese S.J was Fr. Principal that time. I was in Boarding School for the first time. In the initial days, I used to be extreamly homesick and always wanted to go back home, but things changed & they changed for good... To be very true to myself, the SXSS had dramatic impact on my life. Before joining this school, I used to be an introvert child, who wasnt very outgoing, never liked participating in Extra Curricular Activities, neither was a good athlete. My three years stint at SXSS transformed me completely, Now there was a new confident Sid, who was ready to take the world as it comes. The had taught me the importance of friends and family in life and most importantly being a group player. It had dramatic impact on my personality overall. I had to leave the school in 1995 as hostel was going to be winded off in another year.

Life at Boarding School is a different kind of experience, that not everyone usually get. I was among lucky enough to get one. On one hand you realize the importance of family, after staying alone, getting homesick etc and on other hand, the sense of responsibility is imbibed in you. You are treated independenty, and you tend to be more resposible. It also overlaods you with so many good friends and triggers healthy competiton, which enable you to excel in sports and studies.

The memories that I have of Sahibganj is still fresh in my mind. I can never forget those after Supper games in common-room, or long walk along Senior'A' Feild with chilling Ganges breeze flowing over, neither can I forget endless sessions of Wedesday night Movies in the Jublee hall.. nor the Samosas & Dosa in Dilip's canteen. Its has been really ages since I left SXSS. I didnt get any chance of visiting my beloved school again in last 12 yrs, but yeah I am determined that I will definitely be there someday!!!!

Teachers at Xavier's were great ! There was Mr S.C Dey, our English teacher, He had acquentence with my Dadu, when my grandfather was posted in Sahibganj in late 1950s. Most of the senior teachers either knew my Dadu or had heard of him from their colleages. Then there was our Hindi Teacher Miss D. Shrivastava (Mira Maam), I had stayed at her place for about 2 months, in during final semister of class V. One of my father's childhood friend Mr. Ashish Sarkar, used to teach us arithmatic & algebra. That was again a boon for me. The only dreadful memeory I have about SXSS is BRAIN TONIC by Mr G N Jha, our Geometry teacher. I am pretty sure most Xavierian will know that stuff I am indicating :).    I am really lucky to get some great friends at Xavier's ....

It looks so nice seeing my school on the map, with Ganges on one side and greenery and hills on the other side


  Ajay Anand Singh

My Oldest Friend - He studied with me from Lower KG to Std VII. His family and mine are family friends since last 3-4 generations. Ajay's Grandfather was King of Champanager Estate and was close associate of my great-grandfather. He was a great student right from that start and it was he who had actually motivated me to join SXSS. He Completed his B.Com from Purnea College.
Present : He got married early this year(2008) and is currently in Bangalore working for Dell.


  Siddharth Mishra

He is one of the greatest friends, I ever to acquainted to...He is a magnanimous person and has left a lasting impression in me, with his simplicity and nature. There are lots of sweet moments that we shared together,but the one that I can never forget is when he quitely sliped out from the hostel, rather school premeses, in the middle of night and went to nearby telephone booth, just to inform my family that I was suffering from Chicken Pox. Can you imagine that he broke the hostel rules just for me!!!
All I have to say is Thanks a lot Sid for being my friend. Even today I miss you a lot. All the very best...
Present :He completed his MBBS from Armed Force Medical College(AFMC), Pune and is currently posted in Gantok..


  Amarnath Newatia

Newatia, as I used to call him, studied with me till Std VIII. He was a day-scholar ealier and moved into Hostel in class VII. He was a great friend and was my main source of information about someone special. He was also the constant source of Inspiration for me - be it studies or extra-curricular... There are some secrets that we still share.... may be its not the right platform to disclose.. isn't it Newatia..
He completed his B.Com from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta and then pursued his MBA from M.S.Ramaiah Inst of Mgmt, Bangalore.
Present :Newatia is working as Senior Research Analyst at Deloitte, Hyderabad and got married to Seema in March 2007


  Debmalya Roy

Debu, was one of my first acquaintance in school hostel. I was a great company, who used to teach me do's & don'ts about the rules & regulations. He also provided me a the fisrt hand informatiom about most of the students and teachers. He left school in final semester of Class VI, to come back again in the next year. This time her mother, Mrs Roy, joined as science teacher in primary section and he started living in Staff's quarters.
Present :Debu passed out from University of Baroda and working in Project Management division in Reliance. Click Here... to check his Blog.


  Priyanki Biswas

I can't find enough words to describe this pleasing personality. Only words that can nearly describe her - are Allrounder and Perfectionist. She was perfectionist in whatever she did and an all-rounder because she did evrything !!!. Man I was throughly impressed by this girl during my short stint at Xavier. She always excelled in academeics, represented school in Inter-School Debates and Elocutions, was a bharatnatyam Dancer and last but not the least took part in group singing compitition. This isn't exgragation, and I seriously belive that everyone in school agreed that she was the most dynamic girl of our batch.
Present :Priyanki(PB) worked Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions, Calcutta. She got married earlier this year(2008) and is currenty settled in Florida, US.


Check out these Pictures of my Friends and School


While Still in Std VIIIth, I had to change my school again in 1995, as SXSS hostel was going to be wind off in the following year. I was admitted to Kendriya Vidyalaya (K.V), Katihar. The school is governed by K.V. Sangathan, Patna. I studied there for Two and a half yrs. KV was everything Xavier's wasn't. It was the most enjoyable period of school life, which can be termed as cool & tension free. I won't be wrong if I say discipline and seriousness were absent, The only Motto being Masti followed by Study. The One and only person whom I, rather we all, respected the most and feel worth mentioning is Mr.S.K.Singh , our Social Science Teacher. He was our class teacher and the only person in school capable of managing our notorious batch. He had supported and helped us in every possible way. I am very thankful to god to have a mentor like him. In true terms he was my mentor, philosopher and guide in this important phase of my life.

In School, ours group was Called Revolutionists (Krantikaris).
We were all time ready with new revolutionary ideas - (notorious ideas to be very exact). Our Krantikari Comrades have rocked the school - not once, not twice but infinite times. Details of all these incedents are beyond the scope of this page :), but to name a few - which have actually made its way to School's Golden History are -

I was the class moniter for two years(Class IX & X), during the peak insurgency period, At this point Revolutionist were at their peak. Being the face of the Krantikaries for the outside world, you were always at Shooting point... he he..     Masti aside, To be very true to myself, I came in touch with some really intelligent people here at KV. One thing that impressed me was the concept of "Simple Leaving and High Thinking". Most of my KV friends were deligent, who belived in hardwork. They all lived a very simple life, did loads of fun-filled mastis, but at the sametime were very serious about their Careers. Most of them didn't have any god-fathers and were creator of their own destiny.

Few of our most wanted Krantikari Comrades were -

  Ramnish Kumar(alias Siyar)

The most brilliant guy in the group. He topped the school in Xth Boards while I was Second. We still remember him for snatching away ours tiffins and eating them up in the second period itself, hence always had to devise a way or other to hide it from him. A genuinely nice person, who was always ready to walk that additional step to help others.
Present : He graduated in B.Tech(ECE) from SSIT, Tumkur in 2005 and is working with HP Bangalore.


  Saurabh Mishra (alias Chil-la)

Among my very good friends. All-rounder should be the word to define him - he was good in both acedemics and Sports. We know each other since Class IV have shared a very good time together. Sourabh graduated in B.Tech(EE) from National Institute of Technology(Formerly REC), Silchar, Assam in 2004. He got married to his College Sweetheart Amrita(Dona) in very next year. He is now a proud father of a baby boy - Udayan...
Present :After graduation, Saurabh started his career with Sterlite Industries (Copper Plant), then moved to MetalJunction, Calcutta and then finally to Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), Calcutta.
Amrita is a J2EE professional working with MetalJunction, Calcutta.


  Vivek Kumar Jha (alias Murga)

Murga was considered the most technically intelligent person in the group. He had an instant solution to all question asked, No Matter whether it was correct or wrong. His residence was the meeeting place for the whole group.
Murga graduated from the same college as Ramnish in 2005, There is an intresting story behind his name - MURGA. Vivek was always crazy for long hair and normally used to get hair cut in such a manner that his style was not disturbed. His long neck and silky hair gave him his name...
Present :Murga is currently working HP, Bangalore. Prior to HP he worked for Wipro Technologies, Bangalore.


  Rishi Raj (alias Rishi)

The son of then Addl DRM of N.F Railway, Katihar, this guy belived that the school was his personal property and loved to the break rules. He always tried to do thing which were barred. But on other hand he was a real cute and scintillating person. He was a misogynist as far as School girls were concerned. The hourly phone calls with him will always be cherished.
Present :Rishi was into Marine Navy and had passed out from T S Chanakya Academy, Mumbai in 2005. He is currently pursuing MBA from Indian School of Business(ISB), Hyderabad.


  Santosh Singh (alias Phatta)

Santosh was a born athelete, who actually loved sports. He could learn and play any kind of games in a flick of time. He always used to quote - "Had studies not been discovered, I would have spent rest of my life Enjoying & Playing in the Sun".
Santosh graduated in B.A(Hons),in History, from Delhi University and had been his department topped in his first year.
Present :Santosh joined Titen Industries in Delhi, after a very short stint with Vodaphone. He got married earlier this year with his childhood sweetheart Aprajita, who works for some publishing house in Delhi.


  Anjum Rab

Dr. Anjum Rab, as she is called now, is the first person to graduate in Medicine from our Batch. She joined our school in Class VIIIth along with me. She is a beautiful person from heart and had extremely high will-power. She was among the best our class and was extreamly good in extra-curriculars and had represented our class & school in several occations.
Present :She completed her MBBS from Katihar Medical College Hospital, Katihar and is currently pursuing Intership in Mumbai.


  Rohit Sharma (alias Bhetoo)

He was the Most Wanted Person (MWP) of the group. The mastermind behind all the activities that the group did. We were friends since class Lower KG. His grandfather was a close friend of my Dadu.
Present :He completed his BTech(CSE) from Chennai and is currently working for some software firm in Pune.



The most Ideal boy of the class. He was Bhaiya to all the girls of our class, rather school (Sorry Except 1   oops 2 P&J ), This was because his Neha also studied with us in the same class. He was class topper in junior classes, while Neha used to be topper of her section.
Present : As per my last information, Nishant was into banking, working for some bank in Lucknow while Neha graduated in Zoology.


  Gautam Mishra (alias Howwwwww....)

The most Dangerous person in the group. Ask him to do anything, the thing is instantly done. He always did it without even giving it a second thought, niether analysed the pros & cons of what he was about to do. I still remember his breaking the class desk as it wood powder had colored his trousers.
During our school days, the whole group prayed " O God ,protect his beautiful wife from him". :)
He He .. Its just a joke....
Present : Gautam Cleared his MCA from IGNOU in 2006 and is currently working for some software firm in Nagpur. He was first among all of us to get married and is father to a beautiful baby girl Kritika.


  Krishna Kumar (alias Baen-na)

(At one point of time various UNRELAIBLE Sourses claimed - .)
The guy is had completed 4 different professional courses in a year. Last news which was heard about this guy was - He was simulteneously persued BCA ( Bachalor of Computer Application) and Fashion Designing from two different places viz: Delhi & Gaziabad ie. stays at these two places every alternate day.
Present :Krishna is currently working for NF Railways and is posted in Katihar. He completed his MBA from Patna.


  Supriya Ghosh (alias Boua)

She was my first schooltime girlfriend ( A very good friend who was a girl). We know each other since class III and shared a great rapport and secrets.
Present :She's completed her Diploma in Mechanical Engg from Calcutta and works for Ichchapur Ammunation Factory,Calcutta. Guys beware - She is a deadly combination - Beautiful Girl with Gun - Beware again:). She got married in 2007 and is living with her husband in Kolkata.


  Swapnil Mishra (alias Mishri)

Sweet girl and a great friend of mine. She used to be my cycle partner... Hey please dont mis-interpret... We both lived in Eastern Side of Katihar, so mostly used to come home togather along with Rohit. Her mom is awsome cook and I really miss the various delicacies that Aunty normally prepared during get togather at her place. The time spent at her place will always be cherished.
Present :She's completed her Electronics Engineering from Orissa. She got married last year and is living with her husband in Mumbai.


  Satyajit Bhanu (alias Bhanu)

Dr. Satyajit Bhanu, as he will be called very often now, is third from our batch to graduate in Medicine. This guy always wanted to be a doctor and belive me he is a stud. He got through MAHE Medical entrance examination, but later declined to join in there. He is the only person who is normally in contact with most of our school friends. I Know him since class IIIrd, during those days, he was used to go around with Bhaskar and Pramod. Pramod is currently working in Delhi, while Bhaskar is persuing his MBA from university of Leeds, UK.
Present :He is in his final year of MBBS from Katihar Medical College Hospital, Katihar. Mrinal(Chacha) is his batchmate in KMCH, while both Anjum and Sneha passed out from the same college last year.


  Surabhi Shweta

Surabhi studied with us till High School and was good in crafts and Paintings. She was one of the person, whom I usually approched during my drawing exams. She was part of trio gang of girls, the other two were Supriya and Archana. She completed her graduation from Bhagalpur and Delhi.
Present :She is into media industry and is working for a publishing house currently


Check out these Pictures of my Friends and School


Life took a new turn as I joined Delhi Public School(DPS), Ranchi, for my XIth and XIIth grade, also called intermediate in India. DPS was supposed to be Ranchi's one of the best high schools. Boys and girls with the best grades from junior schools came over to DPS for their XIth and XIIth grade. I took Math and Economics as my stream. DPS had everything that KV lacked, be it Discipline or seriousness among students.
During these two years, I stayed at my Aunt's Place in Ranchi. These two years were the best period of my school life. I really cherish the time spent with Dada, Chumki, Maam & Piso, not to forget the best of friends I had. There are a handful of them whom I really miss.

  Amit Roy

My best friend. He was a splendid & pleasent personality, words aren't enough to describe him but, one thing is for sure that the time spent with him will always be cherished. I was a regular visitor at his place. Amit's mother, Galena Aunty, was Russian, while his Dad was Bengali. Both his parents worked in SAIL. He had a cute little sister Mashanka (Masha, as we called her). Amit's family have now moved to Calgary, Canada.
Present :Amit obtained his BS degree in Computer Science from University of Montana in Missoula thereafter worked for HP for sometime. He is now working as SAP consultant in Calgary, Canada.


  Arunim Gupta( alias Aloo)

Aloo was always Bindaass. He's an ultimate cool person usually and extreamly ferocious at times. We used to study togather during pre-engineering days. His dad, Navin Chandra, uncle was very nice person, who always motivated both of us to do better. The best thing I liked about him was, he usually didn't tolarate any nonsense talks or gossips, and bashed the person then and there. He always liked talking straight.
Present : Arunim completed his Masters in Maths & Computing from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur(IIT-Kgp) in 2005. He is currently working as Actuary Dept of Aviva Life Insurance in Pune.


  Tuhin Das

One of the most famous person of our batch in DPS. If ever a voting is done, for the person with maximun acquantance and friends in our batch, this guy will be unaniously selected as winner. Tuhin loved making friends and more than that knew how to maintains it. This was the one of his best quality.
Trust me..If you ever want to track down an old friend,this person can be a great asset to you!!!
I still cherish those Cycling moments with him, when we used to cycle down to Sector-II market for Aloo-Chop & Vegitable Cutlets, not to forget the Samosa-Chaats. Usually, I had to take prior appointments from him, cause if you ever reached his place without intimating him, there was 0.00001 probability of finding him home. .. That was Tuhin!!!!
Present : Tuhin graduated in B.Stats. from Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata and is currently working with HSBC, Bangalore. He got married to Manashi earlier this year.(2008).


  Arnab Banerjee

Arnab was always a soft spoken & quite person, unlike me and Amit. But still we were best of friends. We three - Amit, Arnab and Me mostly used to stay togather in School. Classes espacially Labs were always fun with him.
Present : Arnab completed his BTech from IIIT(Calcutta) amd then worked for Infosys, Bangalore. He is currently persuing his MBA from Indian Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad (IIM-A).


  Swagata Roy

Swagata is a great friend of mine who is Simple yet Elegant, Talkative yet Reserved, Down-to-earth yet very classy. Its really difficult to describe this sweet person. She studied with me in High School and was our family friend. My Piso and her father were colleages and they stayed very close to our appartment. We both used to cycle down to Hari Om Pandey sir's tution during our pre-engineering days. She was very choosy and picky right from the begining and never allowed me to have those Roadside Chicken Soups near Loretto.. :). Man those soups were awsome.. but this girl huh....
Present :Swagata completed her B.Tech(CSE) from Cochin University and then worked for MBT Pune, before moving to US. She is currently working as Microsoft dotnet Consultant in Syntel at Chicago.


  Ravi Prakash Singh

Ravi was the second topper of DPS in Class 10 Board Exams.
Present :He passed his B.Tech (ECE) from Netaji Subash Institute of Technology, Delhi and is currently working assistant manager in BHEL, Haridwar


  Mayank Sridhar

Present :


  Animesh Rai

The guy was a real attraction for girls. His favourate passtime was girls & only girls.I hope he still remembers his first **** with his Israeli girlfriend.
The guy is in VI th Sem Mechanical Engg from Manipal University( MAHE ).
Present :


  Somendranath Chatterjee (alias Somu)

Present :


  Manish Mahajan

Present :


  Prateek Narula

Present :


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