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Stuff for Sale


Here is some misc. stuff I have for sale. Please email me at for availability.

Check Rules/Prices for payment instructions.

I can accept Money Order or Paypal payments.


I sell anime/jpop related stuff on ebay, as well as other items Iím interested in.

Check my ebay auctions.


Iím getting rid of most of my fansub tape collection to make room.

Left Over Tapes from past requests from other Distributers(Price includes shipping, viewed only once)

Priced less than Iíd payed for them. Iíve decided not to distribute VHS so once theyíre gone, theyíre gone.

All prices include Priority shipping.Please email for availability because I remove them from this list when sold and I can not make copies.



Concert Videos($15.00 each per copy, includes shipping and label)




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Other Format list

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Stuff for Sale