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Welcome to khdu's website! Here we got, full of stuff!

Serving SNK, Capcom, Konami and Namco stuff since Jan. 3, 2005

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10-11-2006: NEW LOOK
For a few pages only. Eventually everything will get the new bg image.

6-05-2006: SIMFILE UPDATE and new translation.dat file for Stepmania
8 new sims added, plus a translation.dat file so some more DDR songs (from Festival, Party Collection, STRIKE and SuperNOVA most likely, and some of my simfiles) can
display the Japanese characters the songs are supposed to have.

MODEL DD4 by Mutsuhiko Izumi added. Check the simfile page for more.

5-16-2006: SIMFILES, YA?!
Simfiles page open! Look at links above (not the damn ads)

5-15-2006: SO FIRST 2006 UPDATE, EH?
Soon: DWI/Stepmania simfile page and KOF 2006 avatars

12-9-2005: IT'S ABOUT TIME!
The problem is solved. All KOF XI avatars are up, of course, no bosses' pics yet.

*figures out a way to make his Mezmerize and Hypnotize packages fit*

12-8-2005: The Immaculate Conception
It's December 8, and the only reason I touched this website again is that I have no classes.:)
Tomorrow, I'm finally going to see my 2nd report card and look at my F in Religion. *blames teacher for failure*, and hopefully..... the KOF XI avatars I promised...
And..... I possess both System of a Down's 2005 albums, and I came across with this pic in the official website:

And guess what? My copies can't fit. No...... fit.... none....

11-18-2005: Eddie Guerrero passed away, and what's next for this website?
So, one of my top three favorite superstars died last Sunday. Oh, boy I'm going to miss Eddie. :'(
And...... KOF XI avatars coming..... December or earlier. Have to focus more on my schoolwork.

8-19-2005: KHDU, IT'S ABOUT MONTHS NOW!!!! tsk tsk tsk
SIX KOF XI AVATARS UPDATED!!!! MAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh, and time to study for my History long test. I just hope I don't
get another score--17 out of 50. Man I hate essays!
I'm a listen to more System of a Down music to relax.

6-3-2005: OMFG 6 MONTHS ALIIVE!!!!
2k2 95x95 avs updated!

100x100 KOF2003 Avatars (with KOF1995 backgrounds) are now here!
Get 'em if you want.

5-11-2005: Not-pixelated-but-with-white-background KOF2002 and KOF2003 Avatars updated!
100x100 AVs coming soon.

5-4-2005: Fonts page is here!
The font which is probably used in SVC Chaos/ KOF2003 is the only one in there for you to download.
Here's a little preview of the font.
Oh, and if you have/ you see a website that has the KOF2002 lifebar font, which I'm looking for, please reply here, ok? Thanks in advance.

5-3-2005: Wow. My site is five months old now. Gave it some sort of "celebration"
Gave the avatar page links their own page.
Street Fighter EX3 Avatars added.
Links on top of the updates instead.
.......well, hope you like the site!

4-27-2005: Organized old NGBC avatars,
PLUS: Added the NGBC Premium Gallery images, avatar style.

4-25-2005: NGBC Avatars cleaned.

4-22-2005: Now you Opera users can get those stuff on my site!
Just added '.html' to all pages.