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San Ramon Wars

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Update: Info | Updated by: Rabid | 7/18/05 | 16:56
Hello boys and girls. San Ramon Wars been getting increasingly popular over the past few days. As such, any participants must be registered by August 1st. The briefing (The meeting in which you recieve your manilla evelope containing your target and information.) will take place on August 2nd at Memorial Park. You may either come at 12:00 pm or 6:00 pm. If you are unable to attend, make up will be August 5th at the memorial park. If you don't show up at either of them, you must contact the Neutrals (Jon and Paul. You can find their contact info on the contact info page.) and they will send you your manilla envelope. But it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you attend the briefing.

The official games will begin on August 8th. Thank you for your time.


PS: Please bring $5 to the briefing for insertion fee. (PRIZE $$$ FOR THE WINNER)