6 eps1976000019740900Castle's On The Air

Comedy And Songs From 1976 With Roy Castle. Includes A Sketch About Being At Home With The Frankenst1976000020040912Comedy and songs from 1976 with Roy Castle. Includes a sketch about being at home with the Frankensteins.
Entertainment And Music From The Late Roy Castle, With Mike Burton, Eli Woods And Jacqueline Clarke.1983000020040926Entertainment and music from the late Roy Castle, with Mike Burton, Eli Woods and Jacqueline Clarke. First heard in 1983.
In This Jan 1980 Edition Roy Sings At The Copacabana And 'sheridan' Communes With The Great Composer1980010020040919In this Jan 1980 edition Roy sings At the Copacabana and 'Sheridan' communes with the Great Composers.
'sheridan' Wins A Wine-making Contest, 'mum And Dad' Reminisce And Roy Sings I've Got A Lovely Bunch 20041003'Sheridan' wins a wine-making contest, 'Mum and Dad' reminisce and Roy sings I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts (backwards).
Sketches And Music From Roy And Co, Including 'leonard Rumbold Superspy' And '35 Songs In 2 Minutes'1974090020040829Sketches And Music From Roy And Co, Including 'leonard Rumbold Superspy' and '35 Songs in 2 minutes'!.
Sketches And Music From Roy And Co, Including The Three Musketeers And The Perils Of Powering A Car 20040905Sketches and music from Roy and co, including The Three Musketeers and the perils of powering a car with cooking sherry.

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