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Management 1p93

Hello Everyone,
I have a wonderful opportunity for you to attend. Ace Brock is hosting it's first Global Vision training session this Friday April 4th. It is a wondeful experience. I highly encourage you to register and attend the training session. Prof. Thurber supports the event as well for those students that do attend the Global Vision Conference will receive a bonus mark in their MGMT 1P93 course...Prof. Thurber said so himself! But the spaces for this event are limited it's a first come first serve. It runs from 8am to 6pm and the networking lunch will be unbelievable. I have attached a letter written by the president of Ace Brock regarding the training session he went to.. he was amazed! I will be at this conference as well.. I am going by myself right now so if there is ANYONE interested in coming with me as well please let me know that way we'll pay 12.50 each.. It's 25 dollars per person with out the 2 for 1 deal so email me back if you want to be my "global vision "buddy.. as well for all the others interested.. please do register. for more info you can try to contact me or just visit the web site. Sincerely,
Alicja Konefal

This is Sean Chamberland, President of ACE Brock. I am emailing this to share with you the amazing experience I had in Ottawa this past weekend. Brandon Currie and myself were invited to the Junior Team Canada Training Session in Ottawa to experience the opportunity ACE Brock will be giving you all THIS Friday. I want to tell you all, this was one of the most amazing conferences that I have ever been to. Not only did I get a chance to meet John Manley, the Deputy Prime Minister, but I got to learn about Canada's place in the global economy, and opportunities for small businesses to export their products and services through interactive workshops held by Industry Canada and EDC (Export Development Canada). As if this wasn't enough, we got to take part in a networking lunch. Not only was the food amazing, but I got a chance to meet a recruiting manager for Nortel, the Manager for Telecommunications International Trade at Industry Canada, and a small entrepreneur who owns his own business based in Ottawa. These amazing contacts were only the people that were sitting at our table. The lunch was jam packed with all of the people you would ever want to meet in Canada in one room. The reason I am sharing this with you all is because ACE Brock is hosting the first Niagara Region Junior Team Canada Training Session at Brock University this coming Friday, April 4. This is your opportunity to see just what Brandon and I got to experience first hand. This is your opportunity to meet the Mayor, MP, MPP, V.P. of Brock, Dean of Business, and many other local business men and women. This is your opportunity to see where Canada is placed in the global market. This is your opportunity to see Donna Messer, the most amazing contact you will ever meet. And, this is your opportunity to get the experience that matters! So, what have Brandon and I done for you? Well, we managed to get JTC to offer a 2 for 1 deal to anyone who signs-up online for our training centre this Friday. That's right...we have hooked you guys up so all you have to pay is only $12.50 each if you bring a friend. Not too bad eh? So, all you have to do now is go to: www.gvconnects.comand register for this amazing opportunity. I promise you all, you wont be disappointed. I hope to see you all there on Friday!! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email. Cheers! Sean Chamberland