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In Loving Memory of Mom.

This is in memory of our dear departed loved one. Survivor of eight children, 15 grandchildren, and a loving husband. Born December 16, 1925, died May 17, 2002. In life she deserved the loved she received by all. In death to be remember as the kind soul she was. We miss her dearly. She was called back to her heavenly home where she waits for us. Setting a place for us by her side once again forever.

In Loving Memory of Mom is not to sadden the ones that miss her but remember the beautiful person she was and is. In spirit she is free of all her pain and is now an angel. Still watching over us day by day. We love you mom and always. You are in our hearts forever.

The first poem is one that Rose read. Yes I believe that one we will all be together for always and forever. This is in hope of being there someday forever rejoicing: Second poem read by John. Mom was always my angel and always will be: The third done by Mary. She had touch the unique quality of each member of the family. Each of us has little peice of her in us.

Once upon a time there
was a child ready to be born.
So one day he asked God:

They tell me you are
sending me to earth tomorrow
but how am I going to live
there being so small and helpless?

Among the many angels,
I chose one for you.
She will be waiting for you
and will take care of you.

But tell me, here in Heaven,
I don't do anything else but sing
and smile, that's enough for me to be happy.

Your angel will sing for you
and will also smile for you every day.
And you will feel your angel's love and be happy.

And how am I going to be able
to understand when people talk to me,
if I don't know the language that men talk?

Your angel will tell you the most
beautiful and sweet words you will
ever hear, and with much patience and care,
your angel will teach you how to speak.

And what am I going to do when
I want to talk to you?

Your angel will place your hands
together and will teach you how to pray.

I've heard that on earth there
are bad men. Who will protect me?

Your angel will defend you even
if it means risking its life.

But I will always be sad because
I will not see you anymore.

Your angel will always talk to you
about me and will teach you the way
for you to come back to me,
even though I will always be next to you.

At that moment there was much peace
in Heaven, but voices from earth
could already be heard, and the
child in a hurry asked softly:

Oh God, if I am about to leave now,
please tell me my angel's name.

Your angel's name is of no importance,
you will call your angel "Mommy."

A caring, loving, devoted; wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, neice, and friend.

TO DAD: She was a companion who gave all that she could, maybe not the best homemaker, but a devoted wife in good times and bad.

TO JIM:Her first; A mother cherishes all her children, but the first time you feel life within yourself, there is a bond like no other. You were the one to stay the longest and she loved you for that.

TO ME:She taught me to be my own person, to guide our family with patience and love. My most heart felt memory was the time she heard Charles and I were to be married. She said, " Mary, I am so happy for you, He is definitely a keeper". I think she loved him as much as I do.

TO DEBBIE: Mom was her shoulder to cry on and her strength. Mom taught her with a little time and alot of patience we can conquer the world. You always did the best you could and always thought of her.

TO JOHN:She was and will alway be your angel, to guide you through the good times and bad times. You are the one who follows in her footsteps the most. You give of yourself with out thinking of your own circumstances, however, sometimes this gets you into trouble.

TO BARB:Quiet, meek, gentle. just like mom, you never say a bad word about anyone. Although we tend to leave you off our list of calls and announcements, it's because of your shyness. You remind us of her.

TO ROSE:She gave you a gift that a mother wishes to pass to all her children. The gift of unconditional love. Your children have the same kind of mother we had, caring, giving, devoted no matter how hard times become.

TO GARY: Mom had and will always have a special bond with you. You were always there the moment she needed you. Your witty personality gave her the laughter she needed, it was wonderful to see her laugh from the heart.

TO BEVERLY:The baby of the family. Although a big suprise when she became pregnet for you, you are her baby, her last, her best. The age mom was at your birth made us all nervous about defects, but Bev, you became the most beautiful and precious child of all.


The best gift we can give to mom is to stay a close loving family.


Patricia Marie Gallant

Born December 16, 1925

Died May 17, 2002