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Family Guy

Character Info.

Peter- Peter is employed at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory in Quahog by Mr. Weed. Peter is the man of the house. Since he is very slow, whenever Peter tries to fix a problem, it usually gets worse.

Lois- Lois Pewterschmidt is the wife of Peter Griffin. The whole family would fall apart without her. She is the family's voice of reason and sense.

Meg- Meg is the oldest child and only daughter. Meg has a tough life, she is embarrased by her family, and doesn't have a lot of friends. All she wants is to be popular.

Chris- Chris is the oldest son of the Griffin family. He isn't very intelligent, like his father. He likes watching T.V., playing computer games, and painting. He is afraid of an evil monkey that lives in his room.

Stewie- Stewie is an unusual baby that has developed the abilities to speak, read and think intelligently very fast. He thinks the whole world is against him.

Brian- Brian is a talking family dog. He is Peter's best friend. He's been accepted as a member of the family.