Links of the Forsaken

As the title suggest, these are links. I've generally put here links that I feel are of interest and useful and worth checking out. Any who disagree are free to...well...not visit them. But check them out anyhow, cuz they r0x0rz!

All Masters Martial Arts
The greatest kung fu school I've ever attended.

Combat Sambo
The school that teaches Mr. Jon and Mr. Jere how to hurt people.

Eden Ants
Hey, it's my old band! I used to play drums for these guys. Who'd'a thunkit?
Awesome site for finding funny flash stuff

Get Lyrics .Com
I go here to...y'know, get lyrics n'stuff. It's great if you're a fan of pop-ups

The Maelstrom
A funky message board place for us crazy Warhammer 40k people

Games Workshop
The headquarters for us crazy Warhammer 40k types

Great Canadian Minis
The best place for us crazy Warhammer 40k types to purchase models

Mississauga Library System
The homepage of the good people who have published my first piece

Frank the Angry Robot
This place is just plain funny

No Effort Online Movies
The online flash movies of Chris Coutts have inspired me

The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom
This place rules, it's got some nice original flash stuff

The Button Bin
A nice site that's kind enough to let us non-visual people use their buttons.

The Onion
A site pointed out to me by the illustrious Mr. Jon. Rather funny, worth a look.

Pointless Sites
It takes an odd sense of humour to appreciate this place.
Home of Blizzard Entertainment (ie. Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo series). They are good at making games.

Great Canadian Quotes
A place to find good Canadian quotes (duh...)

Pygmy Shrew
An excellent flash cartoon dealing with the smallest animal in God's kingdom.

Camp Chaos
The good people who brought you the infamous Napster Bad cartoons.

New Grounds
A very large site with a whole shwack load (I use that term a lot...) of stuff to check out. I found it searching for that NES/Daft Punk "Work It" thing and found a lot of funny Final Fantasy parodies.

Rock School
A sweet site that teaches you all you need to know about being in a rock band.

Homestar Runner
A funky site with silly flash cartoons. This site can keep a grown man with a messed up sense of humour entertained for days.

Liquid Generation
A decent flash animation site with some funny stuff on it.

Goth Name
Get your Goth Name here. I'm sorry to say that mine is Vicious Gurl. My proper name yielded Fucked Up Freak, though.

Wizards of the Coast
Home of the good people who brought us Magic: The Gathering.

Taco The Wonder Dog
The greatest flash animation site since Homestar Runner.

Elf Only Inn
A great web comic satiring chatrooms. Start at the beginning and enjoy.

Rum and Monkey
A funky site with funny personality tests and name generators. All my ghetto homies may call me Stim-U-L8 Ice.

Ming the Merciless
So far as I know, this is not Mr. Ming "The Roadkill"'s site. Not for the sober of heart.

The Everyday Happenings of Weebl
The humour here is similar to Taco the Wonder Dog, but much better on the animation and sound.