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Welcome to the home of the Dark Empire.

We are a Starcraft/Broodwars/ Diablo2 /Warcraft3 clan for USEast. All are welcome to join. Loyalty, Activity, and Attitude are valued above all else. Skill will be recognized and respected. Our primary goal is to simply have fun in a friendly gaming environment.

Our clan also supports an "unofficial" web page containing extra information on our Legions and some of the more unnofficial, unsanctioned practices of our members. The Dark Empire officially does not recognize everything contained in the Dark Empire Underground as being wholesome, family fun. People who are over sensitive or consider themselves to have a high sense of morality and honour are advised to not enter within its pages. Those of you with a sense of humour, feel free to proceed.

All content on this page, with the exception of the Links section, is the property of the Dark Empire and may NOT be copied or reproduced without the consent of DE-Empress