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A Bit About Us:




We are a group of carvers interested in creating a work of art from a piece of wood with knives, chisels or other tools.



We meet every Thursday evening from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, from September to April, at the Brooklin Community Centre, on Cassels Road in Brooklin, ON. Canada.



The club consists of adult male and female members with abilities ranging from beginner to master carver.



Members willingly share their knowledge as well as their technical skills and will gladly assist any new members in “getting started".




Club membership and tool costs are quite reasonable; probably much less than one would expect. IF you are interested in carving or just curious drop in on us any Thursday evening or call one of the members listed under "Contacts".



To find us, if you're going North on Highway 12 (becomes Baldwin Street), or Easterly/Westerly along Highway 7 (locally named Winchester Road) see map below showing our location. Run mouse over map to see a more detailed one. Other maps to suit your needs maybe generated at







For additional information kindly contact any of the members shown below:


Randy Pater Club President (905) 683-2634
Rob Beattie Show Chairman  (905) 579-5201
Ron Wyman   (905) 985-6769  



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