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Piccy Gallery.

Piccy of Brumby from Superoo Engineering in Brisbane - back in 1997 era.

Brumby parked in a Victorian ute show - found on google.

Brat in the US - Note the rear overhang of the tray, has been bob-tailed. Looks great.

Download Stuff:
Out of Town lift instructions are here (.PDF)
Back yard boys lift instructions are here (.PDF)
Lanny's lift is here (Word 97 .DOC)
Piccy of Subaru Lift advertisments in Australia.

Lanny's old site. Full explanation of 6 inch lift with photos. Reproduced without permission.
Lanny's current Brat site. 6 inch lifted Subey.
Scott's Brat site. 6 inch lifted Subey.

Subey Page

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Created: 03/03/03.
Last updated:15/06/05.