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"Are you ready to become stronger ?", is what singer James Rose asks in the seventh track of their current selftitled album. For fans, that question refers to their explosive live energy. In late 1998, a St.Thomas/London area based independant quartette called Tranzit was formed. Over the course of the past year Tranzit has been playing numerous shows as well as striving to maintain a common rock. Tranzit has made their name by putting every type of arsenal into their live show. One piece of that is singer James Rose. With his strong vocals and lyrics forming around life experiences, James leads Tranzit to the stage. As the smoke clears guitarist Rob Butterwick and bassist Cory Wright emerge. Rob and Cory intensify the music with a melodic combination of notes making the stage shake with their driving riffs and phat lines. To round out the battle field is Mike Palazzo on drums. As Mike pounds away the stage begins to collapse under the huge explosions by his drumming. As the night comes to a close the last remains of a battered stage walk away. This night belonged to Tranzit....keeping everything in their arsenal as tight as a grenade. Explosive one minute but subdued and calm the next. So that leaves only one question unanswered..."Are you ready?", why don't you pull the pin and find out.