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The Devil, His Origin and End

Welcome to my section on the Devil of the Bible. I could do no better than reproduce an excellent pamphlet on this subject by Thomas Williams, a Christadelphian who lived from 1847-1913, and the Editor and Owner of the Christadelphian Advocate from 1884 until his death. I believe this pamphlet was published around 1900. The first link is my biography of Thomas Williams, and my introduction to his pamphlet. Yes, the pamphlet is fairly long, but hey, the Devil is an important topic in the Bible.

Introduction/ About the Author

The Devil, His Origin and End (Williams' Introduction)

Diabolos and Daimon

Is the Devil from Heaven?

Lucifer's Fall from Heaven

No Need for a Supernatural Devil

True Origin of the Devil

The Personality of the Devil

The Devil that Tempted Christ

A Correct Translation of Diabolos


A Difficulty

History of Demonology



Passages Explained

The Importance of the Subject

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