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Today's Child

Social Skills



The Age of Storytelling

  • what are the behaviour issues of the day?
  • how did our children become so violent?
  • what are we missing?
  • time out or not time out?
  • "please" read this one!

Take a look at the concept of SELF-discipline 
and how to guide it.

Discover Canada
with children across the country

Share your knowledge
 of Canada with other kids

  • where have the village storytellers gone?
  • why are they so important?
  • how can we build these skills in our children?

Check out these activities; help your child develop their creative thinking skills, their problem solving ability, and their storytelling talents!

Social Skills 
and the Camera

How do you use a camera to build Social Skills ??? 
Have a look-see!

Toddler Years

Some Personal Stories 


.... gaining independence.. yikes ! 

How do you teach respect for other cultures?  
Are there "do's and don'ts" ?? 

Teen Years

Harry Potter Books

...gaining independence... yikes!!

Great opportunity to discuss issues!

Why do people do what they do? 
And how can we use this information to help us be better parents and educators? 

Every action is motivated by some underlying need.
Everything we do is done to serve some purpose. 
Understanding the why helps us  accept and respect choices made by others.

Social skills are LEARNED behaviours.
If a child is behaving "inappropriately" it is because they do not have the motivation or the skills to act "appropriately" in that situation. 
Understanding this helps us provide children with the tools to "make it in our social world".


Motivating Factors


Every action is filling some need, the best way we know how --motivation.

By acknowledging the WHY the most appropriate HOW can be selected.

  • survival
  • love and belonging
  • power
  • freedom
  • fun

For more information on 
Glasser's Choice Theory, 
visit the 
Institute's Web Page


Types of Personalities

Personality Theories

Along with the concept of motivation there are some basic personality types which affect how we think, feel, and act. 

By understanding our own processes as well as others' we are better able to function in our social community.

  • organizing
  • thinking
  • doing
  • feeling

I am primarily a "BLUE" person (True Colors) and 
an INFP (Myers-Briggs) Search for your favourite Books!

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