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Updated March 14, 2001
I felt creative and wrote a new poem. I created this site to honour my favourite Utena couple. I felt it would be okay since there is no competition that I know of against it. I'm happy to say that this is an AkioXUtena full site with no Touga.
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Advocation of the Unaenesthetized Castration of Touga Kiryuu

Yes. The castle where the Prince and the princess will live...
...happily for ever and ever and ever after.
The Prince is me. And the princess is you.
That ring would have lead you here sooner or later.
You truly have done well, coming all this distance without losing your noble heart.
My judgement was sound.
You're beautiful.
Bearing your noble heart all the way here...
You are my true princess.
Swords no longer suit you.
I shall keep this sword. And from this day forward, I will protect you.
You'll be happy. You'll receive eternity and we will love each other forever.
And the princess will live forever and ever with the Prince in the castle.

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