In Passing

You're walking down the hall. I'm walking towards you and just as you are about to pass me, my hand is suddenly on the wall blocking your way. Before you can react or even think, you find your back pressed against the wall and my lips devouring your mouth. One hand tangles in your hair holding you in place as the other begins to stoke and tease.

Jean or a skirt? It doesn't matter. Zippers open and skirts lift. My thigh finds a place between your legs, hips arch and your body begins to rock. As your thrusting becomes more frantic, my mouth finally leaves yours to move lower. Your back arches as I find your breasts. Pulling your shirt out of the way, I feast on you.

Exploring your nipples with lips, teeth and tongue, my hand finds its way between our bodies. Cupping you, my fingers glide through your wetness. Hot and slick, I enter you. Thrusting and stroking, I do not stop. As I bring both breasts to aching attention, I can feel your body clenching around my fingers. Thrusting, moving.

A shift and once again I possess your mouth. Swallowing your sounds, I move faster and deeper. My shirt rubs against your breasts as my hand strokes you to a fever pitch.

The inferno builds and you explode.

Pulsing and wet you call my name.

Your pleasure is complete.