Laying on your stomach as hands firmly stroke your back. Long fingers alternately knead tense muscles and gently stoke over sensitive skin. From scalp to ankles and back again, the process repeats. Muscles relaxed and skin on fire. Hand trailing over heated skin and the feel of lips following the path fingers make. A nudge and a whispered command as you turn to lay on that newly relaxed and sensitized back. You wait for the attention to continue. Anticipate that same kneading/stroking on the rest of your waiting body. Perhaps fists pull at tangled sheets as anticipation mounts. Stomach taut, breasts aching, thighs trembling, you wait.

A soft kiss that quickly deepens, becomes electric. Just as quickly it ends as lips move to nuzzle and move up the suddenly arched neck to an ear.

Whispered words in that ear. "If you move, I'll stop", and the massage repeats with a different intent.