A Kiss Is......

Crashing lips and groping hands. A frenzied expression in the heat of the moment.



The barest touch of flesh as lips ghost across a relaxed mouth. A whisper, a promise of utmost gentleness.



Hands cupping your cheeks as a questing tongue traces your lips. Sure in intent, not to be denied.



The barest peck. In fun or out of shyness.



Teeth nipping lightly as lips part to admit an exploring tongue. Commanding and demanding.



Hands cupping your cheeks as lips brush yours softly. A ghost of a touch.  Moving softly but surely across your mouth, to cheeks, chin and down to explore your throat before moving back to softly stroke across sensitized lips again and again.

The slow increase of pressure and intensity as fingertips trace the contours of your face.

Tongue tracing your lips, as one hand moves to tangle in long hair and the other begins to explore your body with slow, sure intent.

The feel of teeth. Alternate kisses and nips as a mouth moves from neck to lips and back again. A tug as your hair is pulled back until your neck is arched for her. Throat to lips and back again, she leaves a trail of fire. She is relentless, as her free hand touches you more intimately with each passing moment.

Your hands clutch, trying to pull her impossibly closer as a tongue demands entry. Your mouth is open for her. She explores you, plunders your mouth as you pull and move against her. Hand in your hair holds your face steady for her kiss. The other hand drives you into a frenzy. She will have you right here, right now. An undeniable whisper burning into you, becoming a roar that shouts; You are mine.


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