By; Sparx

Two pairs of eyes meet across a crowded room.

They stare openly for what seems like hours, but is, in reality, only a few seconds.

Look at her, she's gorgeous. Two minds think.

She looks so familiar, but I know I've never seen her before. Is the thought, as
two hearts begin to beat as one. It's like I already know her.

That can't be. This woman is a total stranger. Both think.

Then why are you staring? Asks the inner voice of one, which is echoed precisely by the others.

I have to meet her. Is the dual thought.

Who am I kidding. She'd never be interested in someone like me. Both think, with a feeling of
resignation. She'd probably just laugh at me.

A moment more, as the staring continues.

I need to get a grip here. Twin thoughts echo, as eyes are torn away.

"I can't believe this," both women mumble at the same time.

"What was that?" asks a friend standing nearby.

"Nothing, let's find a seat," is the answer, unknowingly spoken in perfect unison.

As the evening wears on, each tracks the others movements. It is the light teasing of friends that
finally compels them to tear their attention away.

In a quiet moment, they rise as one and approach the bar. Elbows brush and each glances to the
side. It's her! is the shocked realization.

Now close enough to touch, each becomes lost in the other's eyes. The sense of recognition is
overwhelming, yet comforting. Long moments pass, until a voice demanding their order brings
them back to reality. Twin shrugs and sheepish grins, as each returns to the moment.

Slowly, they turn to the bartender as minds scream in harmony.
I've got to say something to her. I have to. I need to.

Abruptly, as if in a scripted move, each turns to the other.

"Hi," two voices say as one, "can I buy you a drink?"

Heads shake in amusement. With a gentle laugh, both move towards an empty table.

They sit and so, their story begins. The story of two souls, lost, then reunited. A story that will
end with happily ever after, as all good stories do.