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Characters: Sonic and Mega Mack

Description: Mega Mack fucks Sonic dirty! (Fav. Pic)

Characters: Sonic and Dingo

Description: Sonic bribes his guard to let him go

Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Rotor and Croc

Description: An all out male orgy!!!

Characters: Sonic and Sally

Description: A Sweaty Sonic and Sally while having sex

Characters: Sonic and Nack the Weasel

Description: Nack has had the last of Sonic's comments

Characters: Sonic and Metal Sonic

Description: Metal Sonic shows Sonic what he's good at...

Characters: Sonic and Sally

Description: Sonic gives Sally her Birthday Present...

Characters: Sonic, Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder

Description: The badniks have really screwed up this time!

Characters: Sonic (solo)

Description: I don't think he is happy to see you this morning

Characters: Sonic and Antoine

Description: Antoine fucks Sonic's tight arse