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Well what can I say? My name Is Paul Ch. I was born in Poland
June 12, 1977. Since then I have moved to the USA, to the great
state of Michigan. I do wildlife and scenic photography as a
hobby(for now). By trade im a Electronics Tech. My personal
theory on wildlife is God put it here to serve us, however that
does not give us the right to do with it anything we please. We
have the responsibility to take care of the miracle we have been
given. My soon to be wife Michelle who I met 3 years ago helps me
in my photographic adventures, and she also takes pictures with
her camera(mine sometimes :) ). Below you will find some more
personal information about us.
About Paul:

Born In: Warsaw Poland June 12,1977
Lives In: Rochester, Michigan,USA
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Photography(duh),SCUBA, Flying,Electronics,Reading
Things He Likes: People, Animals,Scenic Beauty, Life
Thing He Does Not like: Ignorance,people who choose to be stupid
Favorite Colors: Red And Black
Favorite Veggie: Corn
Favorite Meat/Fish: Salomon(mmmm),Tuna,Beef(where is it?)
Favorite Drink: Milk(Got Any?)
Favorite Movie: Spaceballs
Love Of Life: Michelle :)
Personal Quote: "Everything Is A Miracle Treat It As Such"
Life Order: 1.God , 2. Family , 3. Life , 4. Honor , 5. Country
About Michelle:

Born In: Warren, Michigan,USA on April 19,1974
Lives In: Warren Michigan
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Walking,Reading,Photography,Collecting Stuffed Animals
Things She Likes: Animals,Scenic Beauty
Things She Does not Like: Mumbling, Abusive People
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Veggie: Corn
Favorite Meat/Fish: Perch,Beef,Pasta,Pizza
Favorite Drink: Coca Cola(Always)
Favorite Movie: Disney's Beauty And The Beast
Love Of Life: Paul
Personal Quote: "Enjoy This Day For Tommorow May never Come"
Life Order: 1.God , 2. Family , 3. Life , 4. Honor , 5. Country