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Our old Paintballing team...the rebels
Some of the Gang
Wanna see something huge and hairy?
Dan Conerd's Website.
wanna know why you shouldn't mess with a CWB?
things I hate! See if your name is on here :P
Here is a little bit about my messed up life.
Here is a little something about Chuckles. My truck.
Quotes I can relate to or enjoy.
A little bit about me and the Army.

well, I have been changing this page a little, but to no avail. So if you have a problem with this shit....fuck off. I have enuff problems with out having to put up with your shit.

Im mostly making this page becuase i can. and if you have a problem with that, get over it! I guess I better tell you whats gunna be on this page; well, probably a bunch of crap about my friends, shit we do, paintballing, school, and what ever. I guess I will even put some stuff in here about those who aren't my friends, i'll let you decide who they are. More than likly, you got to this page from either Dans or DJs site, and by now you know they cant spell, well, I gotta tell you something: neither can I. I'll add some more stuff later.

Okay, here is how its gunna be....I decided to get rid of alot of the crap that was on this website and make it more about me and the people around me. If you wanted to get some info that i used to have on this site, just let me know because i still have it.

Oh ya, I wouldn't check this page out infront of anyone that could get you in trouble. i.e. Parents, teachers, pychiatrist, po po, etc etc.

This site was originated on the night of: 1/20/01

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