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Forklift Recertification Program

Forklift Operator Recertification Training


In accordance with C.S.A. regulation B335-04 (section 7.1.1), Refresher courses shall be held:
 	a) at intervals not exceeding 3 years; or
	b) In case of accident or incidents attributable to operator error.

The Refresher Training Program runs approximately 2 hours, and includes the following:

* Types and Designations of forklift trucks.

* Conducting Pre-operational inspections, what to look for, using the checklist.

* How to report defects to supervisors or maintenance.

* Lockout/tagout procedure when lift truck is not safe to operate.

* Weight capacities, Load Plates, load centres, extended loads.

* How capacity is affected with different sized loads and how high the load is lifted.

* Stability Triangle/Tetrahedron, Affecting the centre of gravity, maintaining stability.
* Maintaining safe operating speeds.

* Rear Wheel Steering, clearance when turning, rear end swing.

* Approaching doorways, intersections and blind spots.

* Surface conditions such as inclines, railroad tracks, rough surfaces and wet surfaces.

* Stopping Distances.

* Approaching and engaging a load, lining up the forklift squarely.

* Ensuring the load is stable, labeling, securing a load, and inspecting pallets.

* Traveling position of forks when loaded or unloaded.

* Controlling the fall zone.

* Raising and lowering loads.

* Loading and unloading public carriers.

* Parking the lift truck.

* All relevant extracts from the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

* Personal responsibilities of forklift operators.

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