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Machine Guarding accidents are one of the most common types of accidents in the workplace today. The most unfortunate part of this is that every one of these accidents and injuries could have been avoided had the workers and supervisors understood the role and importance of machine guards. When survivors of machine guard accidents are asked why they removed the guard in the first place, the most common answer is "because it got in the way" My question to this is: What is a machine guard supposed to do........GET IN THE WAY !!!!!

This program is designed to focus on identifying the types of motion, and learning how to guard against injury or fatalities by understanding a few simple principles.

This program can be run as either a training course, or through a customized on site consulting procedure. The most effective method is to run both. That way, all hazardous areas have been identified and steps have been taken to protect workers form harm from both the engineering standpoint, and from the knowledge gained through the training program. The various types of machine guards are covered in detail, such as safety interlocks, enclosure of the process, draw backs, shields, and other inhibiting devices. In addition, all laws pertaining to the removal of machine guards are stressed with an emphasis on the personal responsibilities of each worker.

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